Thursday, 1 May 2014

Latest in Beauty boxes- this is how it's done!

I have ordered latest in beauty boxes before and been happy with them. 

No, it's not surprising when they arrive because you don't have to order them if you don't like what you see. BUT when I saw the latest selection of boxes I promptly cancelled my Glossybox subscription and ordered 2 latest in beauty boxes. 

I wasn't surprised when I opened them but boy, was I excited- as was my 6 year old sister who claimed the empty black boxes for herself, she actually seemed to prefer them to the shiny pink glossyboxes! 

Beauty Mart box

Little sis wants that color bug bad... But so do I! My main motivation for buying this one was the Balmain hair perfume, what a steal in this box as its £24 RRP. I really should have looked up the ingredients because I'm allergic to almonds so I can't use it but that isn't LiB's fault. There's some great stuff right there.

Even more appealing is the Spring editors picks box:

The Dermalogica, Jurlique cream and full size eyeliner and mascara are stunning and perform really well. I love that Teez packaging! 

I read through my Glossydots summary of reviews for Glossybox and can honesty say there were no boxes in the last 12 months that I would have purchased if I knew the content beforehand. Most of them were downright disappointing and not at all worth the money, I barely hesitated before clicking the unsubscribe button.

I know it's Sod's law the next Glossybox will probably be fantastic but if they turn it around I will re-sub. And I need to remember that just because some bloggers get the good stuff doesn't mean I will! 

Also I paid for the LiB boxes on Wednesday, receive them on Saturday morning. I used to pay Glossybox around the 1st of each month and receive it any time 2-4 weeks later. 

Gone are the days of Nars highlighters and Illamasqua launches, recently it's been minuscule containers of nondescript creams and travel size (and i mean for a short trip) samples of Poundland favourites i.e. Vaseline.

I am being harsh but I'm not sorry.

Are you happy with your Glossyboxes recently? 

Do you want to see any of the Latest in beauty box products reviewed? 

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