Sunday, 20 January 2013

Review: Sleek BB cream

I'm a bit skeptical of high street BB creams having been disappointed by L'oreal and 17's offerings so I hesitated to try this at first, but I'm so glad I did now with this one from Sleek MakeUp
Sleek Blemish Balm 
The packaging is nice, black and rubberized like NARS, although that has the usual issues in that it's a dirt magnet!

It calls itself a blemish balm rather than a "BB Cream" although it does say 'Be Beautiful Blemish Balm' so maybe its a BBBB cream :)

This is fantastic for dry skin, if I'm suffering with actual dry, itchy patches this is what I go for every time as it covers the redness, feels comfortable and doesn't dry them out more.

Light 01 Sleek BB cream swatched, blended partially and blended completely next to swatch

I imagine what would put most people off is the shade range in Superdrug stores in the UK: I've only seen 3 shades available (although there are 7 on the Sleek website) which are dramatically different, mine is Light 01 which was the lightest available and I'm an NW25 in Mac- a medium in most foundation colours. 

L-R: bare faced, Sleek blemish balm, finished face (no setting powder)
I take my photos next to the window and annoyingly the Sun didn't come out until I took the finished face! The product does not change colour on your face!

The finish and texture of this product is what really sets it apart from other high street BB creams, I even prefer it to Dr Jart's for this reason. Despite being very high coverage for a tinted moisturiser, it really looks and feels, to me anyway, like skin.

I think the best way to apply this is with fingers as it's quite a thick consistency for a brush.

Have you tried this BB cream, do you recommend another one?


  1. ooo will have to give this a go! Ive only used the MUA one, which is ok... very high coverage, not what i was expecting from it as i picked it up for my holidays and was hoping for something shearer. Will grab this next time im in Superdrug. Thanks.
    Kate xx

  2. Wow, this looks amazing. I've been really unimpressed with UK bb creams (I usually buy Korean ones online) but I'm tempted to give this one a go.

  3. Wow, your skin looks really even! I like the maybelline one but am perfectly aware that its just a tinted moisturiser. I swatched some BB creams in Japan and their textures are completely different

  4. oh i didnt know sleek has bb cream! and i think most bb creams are fantastic with dry skin as they come in very rich formulation

  5. I've tried this but was disappointed with the shade range, the medium shade is faaar too dark! Such a shame 'cause the finish of the product was actually quite nice xo

  6. @kate- i think this is high coverage but it looks natural
    @glitterish allsort & Gaelle: I haven't tried any Asian bb creams, not sure if they'd be suitable for my skin tone?
    @kumiko Mae- I agree some of the uk bb creams are great for dry skin as they are rich, although I should point out that not all of them I've tried are
    @halima- I know the shade range is so restrictive!


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