Tuesday, 15 January 2013

GlossyBox January UK 2013

I'm very excited to be home to receive my glossybox for once as it was a total surprise! Usually I can't help myself scouring the reviews at lunch time so I normally know exactly what I've got when I get home. 

glossybox uk january 2013
But anyway not today and here's what I got:

JASON Lips Bee Healthier
£1.99 lip balm

I've never heard of this brand before but it smells like mint cream chocolates which is always a good thing

ELEMIS Fresh Skin 30ml sample
£12 (full size 100ml) Skin Glow facial exfoliator 

I'm excited to try this as I've always liked Elemis products, also the price for full size seems unexpectedly reasonable so I could see purchasing this

PAUL MITCHELL Super Strong Shampoo 100ml sample
£11.50 full size 300ml

Another decent sized sample, I'll probably use it as my travel shampoo. I've seen Paul Mitchell products used in lots of hairdressers so I have a good impression of the brand

MONU Aromatic Mask 30ml sample
£24.95 full size 100ml 

I've always liked Monu products in previous boxes and don't have many face masks on the go at the moment so another product I'm happy with.

DUCK ISLAND LIMITED body lotion 30ml sample
Mandarin & bergamont, 2 x 250ml= £24.95

There doesn't always have to be a dud product in the box but boy, is this it. Smells like bleach & lemon, tiny size- wouldn't cover one thigh! Rigid upright bottle container which makes it difficult to get the product out. POINTLESS 

We are also treated to a GlossyBox blindfold. hmmm...

This box is very skincare orientated but that doesn't bother me, Blindfold and rubbish lotion sample aside I think we got some nice goodies.

What did you get in your GlossyBox??


  1. Great box! The face wash looks nice! xx


  2. http://kairisplace.blogspot.co.uk/ MY box was nearly the same. disappointed.

  3. lol, it's a sleep mask :-)

    1. lol I know :) I wouldn't use one but I've since been told how useful they are so I guess it's not too bad! x

  4. Mine is completely different to yours, but I think I prefer your box!


    1. Oh yeah yours is SO different! see I prefer your box so maybe the grass is always greener :) x


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