Monday, 8 October 2012

Pan down: September empties

Lots of haircare/skincare for you this month with some high street mascaras

1.Batiste dry shampoo lace
Not my favourite one in the batiste range but does the job and is good value

2. Mascara Bin:
L'oreal voluminous extra- really great and under-rated mascara, not so lengthening but great for volume
Soap&Glory thick&fast- another nice one for volume but I preferred the L'oreal for the same money
Rimmel volume flash- appalling mascara, I only bought for a festival because it was cheap and waterproof but it actually makes my lashes LESS visible when wearing it!

3.Aussie long&luscious conditioner
This lasts years! It's quite a good detangler but I wouldn't use it in place of conditioner, no way!

4. & 8. L'occitane shower gels
Cherry Blossom & Pivione Flora- these are both really pretty floral scents, I use shower gel and an exfoliating glove instead of body scrub nowadays as its' much cheaper and works just as well

5. & 7. Phyto phytovolume shampoo & Phytobaume conditioner
If you have fine hair with dry ends- THIS IS THE COMBINATION YOU WANT! I still have some brands on my list I want to try out but so far this is the best shampoo & conditioner I've ever used. I may do a full review when I repurchase

6. Avene cold creme gel cleanser- I've already repurchased this, it's a lovely rich, buttery cleanser for dry winter-y skin

9. Blistex relief cream- the daddy of lip balms for severely dry, cracked or peeling lips! I'll always end up with one of these in my possession 

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