Monday, 1 October 2012

Bare necessities

I thought I'd show you the make up I took on a recent boating holiday, I was trying to travel light and keep it natural so these products were perfect!

I think the sunglasses, hair band, hair grip & carmex* speak for themselves on a windy river in British September...

Nivea Creme is, and always has been my staple skin care product. It is literally the glue holding my face together at the moment

Cuticura antibacterial hand serum* is a fantastic solution to the dryness accompanying alcohol sanitizer gels, this really does keep your hands soft although it smells a bit strange, like synthetic cucumbers but the smell doesn't last!

DHC cleansing oil came in a glossy box, I see no difference to my usual Origins clean energy cleansing oil, It's just this sample is much more travel friendly than the huge Origins bottle!

I can't believe myself this is the only make-up I took- You may be wondering why I wore make up on this type of getaway at all but hey, I wore make up in Africa painting schools in 40 degree celsius; I wore make up climbing mountains in the UK Lake district...I ain't gonna stop now

Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal has become my holy grail tinted moisturiser, it is just a god send for dry skin and I'm gutted that I'm running out!

MAC Casual Colour out for fun this isn't as dewey as the other casual colour I picked up (keep it loose) and has more of a satin sheen. I still love it as a multi purpose flush of natural colour though

Barbara Daly mascara I admit I only brought this because its the only brown mascara I have and I didn't mind if I accidentally dropped it overboard, but it's a nice natural look mascara that builds subtle volume and doesn't clump

So those were my outdoors holiday essentials!
What are your top 3 desert island make-up items?


  1. Mine would be similar to yours. Mascara, tinted moisturiser, cream blush.

  2. I think I'd carry pretty much the same as you - although I might take some cleansing wipes with me instead of blush :)

  3. The cream blush looks great x

  4. Mine would be lip gloss a hair tie and hand cream! Great idea for a post :)

    Awarded you the Liebster Award!


  5. @gaelle: I think they're the best staples!
    @copper garden: I used to love cleansing wipes but haven't looked back since I found cleansing oil
    @heidi likes: I love the colour so much!
    @rachel: thank you that's so sweet :) x


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