Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Scents of the Season...

...Hanging on to Summer!

I spent way to much time cracking this coconut & photographing it myself!

I am an out and out perfume girl usually but the type of fragrances I favour (and I'll save the long accompanying ramble on this for another post!) are best reserved for evening. With this in mind and given that I love themes I'm going for a natural seasonal scent for daytime. What better for the last days of Summer than Mango and Coconut- Yum!

Now I should credit Liloo a bit for this as she published 2 posts recently which reminded me about this subject- I should have taken up the offer she posted on the Body Shop body mists though as their Mango spray is the nicest one around.

body shop coconut body mist & natural collection mango & papaya spray

I can't recommend this natural collection spray, it was just the most accessible to me at the time of purchase. It smells like tropical cordial in water and is totally odourless after about 2 minutes of wear. Just get the body shop one! The coconut spray I have pictured here is divine.

Now I'm left pondering my Autumn scent combination.... Some seasonal things obviously you don't want to smell like (dry leaves, bonfires...) but I feel quite partial toward Apple or Pumpkin.

What would your ideal Autumn-like scent be?


  1. In the autumn, I love warm scents like amber, or vanilla :)

  2. My favourite scent for the Autumn is Mango!
    I love the natural collection body sprays, affordable and a lovely scent! xx

  3. @rainy days and lattes- yummy- i love those scents too!
    @laura holt- i ended up buying the natural collection apple body spray too! xx


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