Thursday, 13 September 2012

Monu eye gel

I was explaining this post to my friend Claire who thought I was talking about "iGel" for my iPad, not writing about EYE gel on my iPad!

Get iGel for your iPad today... See the ultrasound images of little apple babies working away inside now!

Anyway many of you will recognise the Monu specialist eye gel from Glossy Box a few months ago, I have to say I'm quite impressed with it.

monu eye gel specialist
It is pretty moisturising, it's massive for an eye product and it firms up the eye area diminishing finer lines.

I never thought I'd go for a gel over a cream product as my skin is so dry but I've been really happy with this over the summer and although I need something richer as the weather turns colder I'm looking forward to using this again on holiday or in spring again.

I did try at the same time the Ren eye gel which did nothing for me- it left under  my eyes feeling tight and dry although it did visibly firm the area. Monu was the clear winner!

did you get this eye gel in your glossy box and what did you think? 
what's your favourite eye cream?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Scents of the Season...

...Hanging on to Summer!

I spent way to much time cracking this coconut & photographing it myself!

I am an out and out perfume girl usually but the type of fragrances I favour (and I'll save the long accompanying ramble on this for another post!) are best reserved for evening. With this in mind and given that I love themes I'm going for a natural seasonal scent for daytime. What better for the last days of Summer than Mango and Coconut- Yum!

Now I should credit Liloo a bit for this as she published 2 posts recently which reminded me about this subject- I should have taken up the offer she posted on the Body Shop body mists though as their Mango spray is the nicest one around.

body shop coconut body mist & natural collection mango & papaya spray

I can't recommend this natural collection spray, it was just the most accessible to me at the time of purchase. It smells like tropical cordial in water and is totally odourless after about 2 minutes of wear. Just get the body shop one! The coconut spray I have pictured here is divine.

Now I'm left pondering my Autumn scent combination.... Some seasonal things obviously you don't want to smell like (dry leaves, bonfires...) but I feel quite partial toward Apple or Pumpkin.

What would your ideal Autumn-like scent be?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow

MAC really annoys me sometimes, chopping and changing collections every month is one (irritating) thing, but then creating a totally new formula and only making it available for 30 days is just stupid to me. I've been testing it for a month in different ways so here's my opinion- they are still available for like, 4 days now if you want to go ahead and purchase too! Although we all know how MAC loves to re-promote things so we'll probably see these again at some point.
MAC Blacklit electric cool eyeshadow

Electric Cool is MAC's answer to Chanel's Illusion D'ombre. It has that spongy, souffle-like texture and is a long wearing eyeshadow which can be used also as a liner or base for powder shadows.
MAC blacklit electric cool swatches, out of focus so you can see the bling more!

The shade I chose, Blacklit, is a shimmery soft black, you can wear it as grey if you apply with one stroke or build it to a deeper black. 

As a liner it lasted 10 hours and was easy to apply with a lining brush.

As a stand alone shadow it lasts about 7 hours over the crease and fades evenly over this time period. It's no paint pot when it comes to this application.

As a base for powder shadows it's pretty great. It lasted 18 hours before I had to remove it, I wore the chanel illusion d'ombre on half the eyelid for comparision and it beat the Chanel on longevity.

fotd: clarins skin illusion foundation, mac superdupernatural blush, blacklit electric cool shadow, legendary black prolongwear shadow, avon supershock mascara, mac pleasure-seeker lipstick

The downside to using them as shadow base is you are covering up their pretty colours! I found the ideal match for blacklit to be MAC pro longwear shadow in legendary black which is what I'm wearing here, although it's not as multi-dimensional as blacklit with its crazy rainbow glitter.

Did you pick up any of these?

Would you prefer MAC to keep new releases out longer if they are a new formula? 

It annoys me that it took 3 weeks of me trying out the product to decide I liked them, they were good value and I would have chose more shades, only for them to be unavailable to me by then!