Tuesday, 28 August 2012

FOODIE: Oatmeal Pancakes

I posted about an oat & honey smoothie a while back and a few people sent me some questions asking for variations on that combination.

So if you like the idea but not the texture of porridge, and you like the oat & honey flavour but would rather not drink your breakfast then this is for you!

Oatmeal Pancakes 

oat & blackberry pancakes
Blend 3 tbsp Oats with equal quantity of milk and sweetner/sugar to taste, tip into a buttered frying pan & fry 2 mins on each side. Top with probiotic yogurt, fruit of your choice and honey. Add some toasted oats on top if you're feeling extra decandant!

I should point out that this is a bit more calorific than the smoothie version on account of the milk & butter which isn't in the smoothie. These pancakes are softer than regular pancakes and VERY FILLING!

So I hope you like my solution, let me know if you try it out xx

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