Tuesday, 28 August 2012

FOODIE: Oatmeal Pancakes

I posted about an oat & honey smoothie a while back and a few people sent me some questions asking for variations on that combination.

So if you like the idea but not the texture of porridge, and you like the oat & honey flavour but would rather not drink your breakfast then this is for you!

Oatmeal Pancakes 

oat & blackberry pancakes
Blend 3 tbsp Oats with equal quantity of milk and sweetner/sugar to taste, tip into a buttered frying pan & fry 2 mins on each side. Top with probiotic yogurt, fruit of your choice and honey. Add some toasted oats on top if you're feeling extra decandant!

I should point out that this is a bit more calorific than the smoothie version on account of the milk & butter which isn't in the smoothie. These pancakes are softer than regular pancakes and VERY FILLING!

So I hope you like my solution, let me know if you try it out xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Soleil Tan de Chanel bronze universal base

Contouring is a beautiful thing but we know finding your perfect product to do so can be tricky.

Soleil Tan de Chanel bronze universal is one of the products I've been meaning to try for ages, (along with MAC harmony blush by the way) thinking it would be a great contour- and I'm pleased to say I'm not disappointed!

soleil tan de chanel
It is a matte cream formula-, sort of the illusion d'ombre style, cream-mousse texture. The MUA insisted that it should be applied with a mini kabuki and NOT fingers. I haven't tried any other application method to be honest, I wasn't feeling all that rebellious but pffft...how bad can it be? Have you tried?

My mini kabuki brush pictured is a Crown brush, model KB2 if you wanted to know, I like Crown brushes because they are around the same price as ELF but  better quality and they have a massive range.

Excuse the dodgy green eyeshadow- I was played around with the cheapo Glossybox palette we got this month and maybe should have gone for the neutrals first!

R: foundation & concealer before STdC L: after soliel tan de chanel, no blush or highlighter

What I really love about it is that it seems to smooth the skin you apply it to as well as colour. I've tried applying it under a tinted moisturiser too, and it works nicely as a primer & more subtle contour in one. It warmed toned so makes a great bronzer too.

I'm not a wiz at contouring by the way, I know I'm heavy handed, plus I tend to start rolling this all over my face - I like the smoothing effect and I just can't stop! It can look a lot more natural with a light hand, depending on your skin tone of course as this only comes in one colour.

This Soleil tan de Chanel is £30, I think I paid fractionally less than that in John Lewis but cannot find evidence of this online so we'll go with that. The compact is massive though- don't be fooled by the teeny tester pot!

Have you tried this?
Whats your favourite bronzer or contouring product?

Friday, 10 August 2012

From the Lipstick Vault- Russian Red

This is a beautiful matte lipstick to have, deep red in colour and super long lasting thanks to it's matte-ness: This is Russian Red from MAC

mac russian red matte lipstick
The hand swatch is the most accurate in colour, I'm quite washed out in the face photo as I took these in Spring and also I'm standing in front of the window which is making the lipstick appear more cool toned. 

I don't find this as drying as say, myth lipstick but it does have that tendency as most mattes do- with a few exceptions.

Do you have Russian Red?
What's you're favourite matte lipstick

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Birthday Week

It was my birthday last week and thankfully the weather made it a beautiful time to be in Cambridge!

Birthday Champagne Picnic
The Varsity Hotel Rooftop Garden- look at that view!
truffle risotto, lamb ragu & funky chips at Jamie's italian

Hope you've all had a great week too!!