Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Volumizing Hair Powder

Seeing as I love dry shampoo it was only a matter of time before I became addicted to hair powder as well...

I've tried a few different ones but this is the one I've re-purchased (and have a spare in my desk at work!)

Schwarzkopf got2b Powderful volumizing styling powder

schwarzkopf got2b styling powder
It's a simple product to use- I'm useless with hair so it would have to be- you just sprinkle it on dry hair like a salt shaker and ruffle your head.

My hair is very fine and flat and if I just ruffle my hair it does nothing to increase volume without a product in. This does exactly that and lasts all day

Let's check out the before and after!

volumizing powder before & after
The only downside is that your hair feels dry and has a very strange rubbery texture when you're wearing the powder- although this is not permanent!
Also unlike dry shampoo it does not absorb excess natural grease from your hair so it doesn't really look good if you've skipped a hair wash -unless you use a dry shampoo first.

I just love this stuff when I'm too lazy to blow-dry my hair!

I also really wants to try the Toni & Guy hair powder and the Schwarzkopf Osis one- Have you tried any of these and what did you think??


  1. I have the Schwarzkopf Osis one and really like it. I haven't tried any others though.



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