Wednesday, 25 July 2012

FOODIE POST: Oat & Honey Smoothie

As I just got out of hospital for surgery on jaw again yesterday there's no way you'd want to see a face of the day post right now (believe me!) and I don't feel like painting my nails or anything just yet- although I have plenty of stuff archived for you for the coming weeks!

One thing I am passionate about right now and am in a fit state to show you is the smoothies I've been making!

First up- the breakfast smoothie

Oat honey & banana breakfast smoothie

recipe for 1:
1x banana (can be frozen if your blender can handle it)
3x TBSP porridge oats 
1/2 cup of probiotic yogurt 
Honey to taste - I like 2 teaspoons manuka honey 

Last time I had this operation was at the end of December so I was having porridge every day because it's easy to eat if you can't move your jaw! I really don't fancy that at this time of year so I did a quick web search too check it's safe to eat dry oats and it is, so the breakfast smoothie was born. This makes a great on the go breakfast even if there's nothing wrong with your face though 

I recommend putting something like an ice cube in if you don't want to freeze the banana pieces to make it nice and cold

To make this an insomniac smoothie just replace the banana with 1/4 cup of chamomile tea- PLUS an ice cube unless your blender specifically states that you can put boiling water in it. Mine cannot and I learned that the hard way so don't do as I do!
The oats and tea can really help to get you off to sleep with the stomach soothing pro-biotics it's a great combo if you can't sleep

Fill me in on any blog happenings I've missed out on so far this week....

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