Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pan Down- June Empties

Well Sunday Summary has been postponed as this weekend has gone dramatically badly so I don't want to depress you all- Here's some used up products instead!

1. I emptied the mascara bin and these are all well over 3 months old and totally solid inside. 
Review of Diorshow *here* although I omitted that after 6 weeks this mascara suddenly becomes stunning, you just have to wait for it!
Review of YSL Volume shocking *here*
Review of Lancome Hypnose drama *here*
I don't know why I've never reviewed Benfit Badgal because I really love it. I will definitely review it next time I get one! The Stila major lash is one I got from TK Maxx so possibly not the same formula as the latest version as the packaging has changed.

2. Tigi Bedhead brunette goddess shampoo & conditioner
I did get very shiny and rich looking colour whilst using these but despite being lovely and thick, the conditioner just wasn't hardcore enough for my frazzled ends. The smell like chocolate marzipan though.. drool!

3. John Freida luxurious volume refresher
I'd heard great things about this dry shampoo but it just didn't deliver the volume I was expecting!

4. Scholl rough skin remover & deep moisturising cream
This foot exfoliator and moisturiser are The. Bomb. So affordable too; I re-purchase these constantly.

5. Nivea goodbye cellulite gel-cream
Goodbye Nivea and good riddance! This is totally useless at doing anything to cellulite- don't bother.

6. Ayuuri coconut body wash
This came in a glossy box a few months ago and I really liked it. Coconut & jasmine are two of my favourite scents so I really enjoyed using it. It's a shame the brand isn't very accessible or I would seriously be re-purchasing this too.

That's my June empties- Have you tried any of these products and what did you think??

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