Saturday, 30 June 2012

Summer Wedding Pastels

I'm not exactly keeping with the times since I went to this wedding almost a month ago but I thought I'd show you my eyeshadow & nail polish anyway

Eyeshaow= Sleek monaco palette

You can see the material of my dress in the NOTD photo, I decided to be a bit matchy-matchy and co-ordinate the make up & nail polish!

Eyeshadow- was the aquamarine, light blue, lilac & midnight blue from the Sleek Monaco palette and dark blue cream liner from Elf cosmetics. I wore the MAC casual colour in Keep it Loose on my cheeks & lips

Nails- was Essie cocktail bling layered with L'oreal french riveria nail polish

What do you think- do you like to co-ordinate your make-up to outfit for special occasions too or prefer to mix it up?


  1. Your eye make-up looks lovely and I like the nail colour too :) I think it's nice to match your make-up to your outfit sometimes but mix it up as well depending what mood your in.

    Tanesha x

    1. Thanks tanesha :) I agree it depends on my mood x

  2. I really like the colour of the eyeshadow :-) I am guilty too of trying to match everything up as it looks colour coordinated..but I am learning mixing it up can work too!!!

    Thanks for the follow!

    1. Thanks :) I know I'd rather wear a neutral look with a print occasionally but sometimes I can't resist x


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