Monday, 21 May 2012

Pan Down! April- May empties

So as you can see the search for a photo collage site continues... this was photovisi, the majority of my smaller collages are done on my phone at present

And here are the empties!

1. burts bees beeswax lipbalm
I'm not the biggest fan of peppermint lipbalms so I didn't appreciate this. It also has a very hard, waxy texture that isn't fantastically moisturising. I didn't enjoy using this up!

2. Nivea cashmere moments shower gel
This is a cream to oil formula which smells beautiful: floral, creamy and soft. It leaves your skin soft and is lovely to use. I also got the diamond touch one from the same range (it was bogof) which has a more fruity smell but I prefer the cashmere moments. Definite repurchase!

3. Johnsons daily essential exfoliater
This face scrub has actually got a decent amount of grit in it so it's not bad if you're on a budget. Nothing was outstanding about it.

4. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream
Needs no introduction! I keep it on my desk for annoiting my cuticles, elbows and any other air-con abused body parts. It lasts me 6 months per tube

5. Botanics Organic cleansing balm
I am fascinated by cleansing balms but this was just Ok for me. The residue is quite hard to remove which is annoying but other than that it's quite nice for the price.

6. Garnier Intensive 7 days moisturiser
I've repurchased this so much now it's ridiculous (as is the price of it in Boots btw- it's cheaper ml for ml to buy a 250ml bottle than a 400ml) I also tried the gel cream version which is just as moisturising as the cream but I don't like the gel texture personally. If the creaminess puts you off then do try the gel though!

7. Soap & Glory slimwear
I said in a previous pan down post that I believed this product was decreasing my cellulite significantly but I was going to give it a few months without use to see if I was imagining it. Well that wasn't a pretty month. This works, fact.

8. John Freida full repair shampoo & conditioner
These were decent enough to use and my hair was clean and felt relatively strong. But I have split ends on split ends to infinity. This ain't repairing nothing.

So those are my empties- what have you been using up?
And have you got a collage maker/photo editing site for me yet??

Saturday, 19 May 2012

In the Pink

This is the make up I've been loving recently and it's all about the soft n sheer pink lip, pink cheeks and minimal everything else.

lovely rose fotd
In the picture above I'm wearing L'oreal lumi magique foundation, c2000 concealer probably, NARS super orgasm blush, NARS fathom eyeshadow, MAC blacktrack fluidline & Lancome hypnose drama mascara.

I wouldn't wear Super Orgasm to work, as I did- it was about 9.15 when the sales manager felt compelled to tell me "you have glitter on your face, Laura" like, duh! One for the weekend then...

The 3 staple lip products are:

L'oreal rouge caresse in lovely rose (in fotd above)
Carmex moisture plus lip balm in pink* (in fotd below)
Pixi magic tink tint in Happy thoughts pink* (swatched below)

carmex moisture plus pink fotd
The new carmex tinted balm is my favourite out of the 3 products, it is a great moisturising lip balm which doesn't compromise moisture for colour at all. I love this pink and think it suits my skintone really well (above) I can't wait to get the peach one!

The L'oreal caresse is smooth feeling but not moisturising, and it feels horrible on dry lips! Also I find the cooler more lilac tone of this pink harder to pull off although it looks OK in the top photo.

R: l'oreal caresse lovely rose, L: top-magic tink tint, mid-carmex moisture plus, end- lovely rose

The Pixi magic tink tint is going to be unavailable soon so I thought I'd mention it before you can't get them anymore. It is certainly an interesting product; it changes from the baby pink you see in the photo above to a bespoke colour according to your PH (or the Ph of your lipbalm underneath?) It goes pretty shocking pink on me so it's not subtle, also it feels like a barrier lip balm -like vaseline- but it doesn't seem to penetrate the skin and moisturise it like carmex does.

Many thanks to my Auntie Daisy for sending me the NARS products I'm wearing in this post, you're amazing and I love them!

I'm really getting used to light coverage foundations too, at last! 

Have you tried any of these pinks?

**PR samples

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

BD Pirates NOTD

I saw this little pretty on a trip round the supermarket and couldn't resist- well, you know how I love all things green!

Barbara Daly Pirates L: direct sunlight, R: daylight with flash
In the bottle it looks far more impressive, it has flashes of murky violet and gold in there but it just doesn't really translate onto the nail well

barbara daly pirates nail polish
It took three coats to get this level of opacity, although the tiny bottle of polish is fairly smooth and easy to work with, it's just sheer. It actually wore very well with my normal base and top coat (china glaze strong adhesion base and no chip topcoat)

R: indoor light, L: indoor light with flash
This is a really interesting polish with a lot of dimension, so if you like your pistachio colours and don't mind doing 3 coats of colour then I would check this one out!

What's your favourite green nail polish?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

Well well Lancome, you're packaging might be stunning but it's not exactly hypnotising me into thinking this is a great product...

I mean look at it- a beautiful understated, glossy, paint brush style wand of joy. 

Seriously if L'oreal mascaras looked like this I would probably repeat buy Volume million lashes and Voluminous

But what's inside?

Well, inside is the problem. Don't get me wrong, the first week of use was quite pleasant enough but it turned on me fast.

Within 10 days it became extremely thick and only usable if followed by a lash separating comb. Or if I wipe 90% the product off the brush first it's also fine. Ideal, right? (sarcasm)
top: brush as it comes out of the tube, bottom: brush after product is removed and you can then see the shape!
After a month of dis-use due to this problem I picked it up again to see if it had dried out and become easier to work with.

And... it has, but as you can see in the photos below there are still little dry clumps on my eyelashes, and it took a painstaking amount of time to get it to look this good

left: one coat, right: two coats of Lancome hypnose drama
So I think we can gather I'm not overwhelmed by this £23 mascara, I'm actually a little bit ticked off...

Do you like Lancome mascaras?
Have you tried this one?

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday Summary on a Monday

It's Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK so a preferable time to do a Sunday Summary

1. Sail la Vie FOTD
Here's how I wore this lippie from MAC Hey Sailor collection, I stuck with the nautical theme and used the Sleek Monaco palette to do peach and navy eye- that's not my dodgy chandelier in the background, I'm in a B&B!

2. Black Vanilla
Apparently the best coffee in London, I haven't drank all the coffee in Londn so I don't know but it's pretty good and certainly the chicest coffee in London. This tiny bijoux coffee & ice cream shop with only 3 tables is like stepping into a NARS compact, so glossy, gorgeous and the cup cakes are to die for! Check it out if you're going near Black Heath

3. On your marks...

I decided on the 17th April for unknown reasons (well there are several obvious ones- losing weight, getting fit, wellbeing and all that) to take up running again after 5 years of sitting on my behind. I can only run for 10 minutes at a time at the moment and that's at the pace of a heavy old snail but I'll get there.

photo from the Sketchers website but these are the trainers I have...taking a picture of your own feet running is hard

4. Photo Blues
I'm being driven to distraction trying to find a new photo editor and collage maker since Picnik closed which has prevented me blogging. At the moment I'm using an app on my phone which is very limited, please let me know how you are editing now as I really need to sort this!

How is your week going?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

MAC Hey Sailor lipstick swatches

***Updated with new photos and reviews***

This collection is beyond luscious, there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from and the packaging is so chic.

Here are the two lipsticks I bought today with swatches!

Sail La Vie, satin (bright red/orange)
Salute!, amplified (pale orange/nude)

Salute! is so nearly the same colour of my face (I'm NC25ish) as you can see below, it is a little streaky and uneven in application but I'm yet to find a true nude that isn't.

Sail la vie is very drying on the lips but it will withstand anything- I drank soup out of a takeaway cup whilst wearing this and it was totally untouched! Glamourous I know.

L: sail la vie, R: Salute!

Did you get anything from this collection?