Tuesday, 20 March 2012

YSL Glossy Stain no 9

I am a bit YSL obsessed at the moment so I couldn't resist one of their latest lip products: rouge pur couture vernis a levres or glossy stains to us normal consumers.

YSL glossy stain 9 rouge laque
I chose the bright red, un-inspiringly named rouge laque- quite a few of them seem to be named as the purely the general colour of the product followed by a synonym for 'shiny' which isn't very interesting! (although names aren't exactly vital)

It is opaque in one sweep and you can build the depth of colour, although rouge laque is fire engine red to start with so there's not really potential for a subtle look with this one!

This lip stain lasts and stays glossy and true to colour for at least 8 hours on me as long as I don't eat, drink or touch it at all. I've seen some impressive swatches for this product on other people after they've been consuming whatever but it doesn't withstand 4 cups of coffee and a biscuit on me personally. This may well be because I have very dry lips so it dries out before it wears of. Also it seems to set quite firm in texture like tacky varnish on me!

fotd: estee lauder invisible foundation, chanel illusion d'ombre emervielle, mac avenue fluidline, benefit badgal mascara

Still, when it looks like this I can starve & drink through a straw. I may have to get a more low maintenance shade to review the formula properly- all in the name of research *ahem* of course. 

Have you tried the glossy stains yet?
What's your favourite lip stain?


  1. All I can say is: gorgeous! I want this shade too and I just hope it flatters me as much as it does you!


    1. Thanks nazia :) I'm sure it will look even nicer on you! XX

    2. I had to comment again - duuuude you look so stunning with this shade! I have #7 and I <3 it.


    3. Aw thank you! I'm still quite self conscious of my jaw so that's really nice to hear :) The coral shades look lush, I need to try a lighter shade too! Looking forward to seeing swatches xxX


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