Friday, 30 March 2012

What's in my bag??

I thought I'd do a 'what's in my bag' post since I love reading other bloggers' and I've never done one myself!

I have a new bag for work so I thought I'd do it now whilst it's still relatively organised...
And here's what's inside! cards, keys and phone
Hand sanitiser- this one from body shop smells like Malibu! My friend 
had it in the mango scent so I decided to copy her and get one too.
Make up- this is why I have such a large bag! (Well no, it's because 
I usually have a pair of shoes and my lunch box in there)
You can see my post about make up I wear to work *here* so I won't 
elaborate too much.
Also I keep my long brushes if I need them in packaging from no 7 or 
Ecotools as it seals shut and stops them getting dirty.
I need to do a separate post on travel make up brushes because I have 
this set from Japonesque which I got in John Lewis' a while ago, and you 
should know about it!
Cuticle cream & lipbalm from L'occitane-the lipbalm is honey scented 
which I love and the cuticle cream is so small and handy to use on the 
go. I have really dry fingers so it's quite important. I just love L'occitane stuff
Toothbrush and Blanx toothpaste I got into the habit of brushing my teeth several times a day after my jaw operation and it is a hard habit to break!
The Blanx was sent to me by PR but I have tried lots and it is the best whitening toothpaste for the money. 
Magazines & headphones- I spend a lot of time on the bus every day so I need to entertain myself!

So that's a bit about me and my bag, please let me know what's in yours!


  1. I always had hand sanitizer in my bag as well - until it exploded all over my cosmetic bag and its inhabitant :( Why do you carry a pair of shoes with you?

    Chester, xox

    1. Oh no hate it when that happens! I walk about 2 miles to work in flats and wear heels in the office so I have one or the other in my bag :) x


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