Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shop Mac, Cook Mac & Pearl Glide swatches

Hmm, what first...? 
We'll go Shop Mac, Cook Mac mini haul:

I got two of the fluidlines with mixed results, Added Goodness is a really interesting mauve/taupe colour with the usual excellent colour payoff which you get from these gel liners. Love this one.

Midnight Snack is a semi-sheer slate grey with silver shimmer. It's a very unique colour for a gel liner but I have to layer it on which annoys me. Also it doesn't seem to wear as well as the other colours but myabe that's just me?

I also got Woo Me kissable lip colour and it's the ideal my lips but better colour for me. I already have Super from the Peacocky collection last year and it's similar, Super has a slight mauve tinge to it which Woo Me does not but I really like the formula of these so now I have both :)


Also we learned from Mac this month that my favourite eye liner pencils: pearlglide intense eye liners are being made permanent. I have four of these pencils from previous collections so I thought I'd swatch them for you:

top to bottom/ l-r: black line, lord it up, undercurrent, black russian (dupe of black swan)

As the name pearlglide suggests these pencils glide onto your skin with absolutely no pressure required and they are extremely pigmented.

black line: top fave of mine (my pencil is tiny!) black with gold sparkle. can appear green in some lights
Lord it up: medium brown with shimmer. Great everyday colour
Undercurrent: Unbelievably stunning turquoise shot through with gold 
Black Russian: This was LE but I have swatched it next to Black Swan (permanent) and they are Identical to me. black packed with navy glitter

So that's all folks, 

What did you get from the Shop Mac, Cook Mac collections?
Have you picked up any pearlglides yet?


  1. That eyeliner in Undercurrent looks stunning! x

    1. It so is, I had to wear it today after doing those swatches x


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