Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pixi beauty event- the magic of Pixi Glow

I went to my first ever beauty bloggers event last night, I've never been to anything I've been invited to before because I'm very shy and also it takes quite a while for me to get to London on the train.

But when I saw this was obviously for Pixi beauty, a brand I've been interested in since long before I was a blogger, and it was for the launch of their Tinkerbell inspired collection Pixi glow: How could I not go??

This is just a quick post for my photos from the event, I will be doing a collection overview and a few looks from it hopefully by the weekend

clockwise from top- Pixibelle fairy palette, tinted brilliance balms, pixi belle palette exterior, Pirouette pink nail polish, Katrina testing tinted moisturiser, foundations, catching shadows crayon swatches

What first drew me to Pixi (and this was years and years ago- when I was a regular neighbourhood make-up addict not a blogger) is how their products are often multi purpose and always long lasting. They are also perfect for dry skin!

Some of my favourite things were:

Tinted brilliance balms- chunky lip balm pencils, my favourite shade was bitten berry, a sheer vampy shade

Straight on until morning eye pencils- my favourite shade is in the tinkerbell collection, it's a gorgeous sparkly khaki called 2nd star twinkle

Catching shadows crayons- crease proof eye crayons that stayed on my hand after a shower, the hand swatch above of the gorgeous shimmering neutrals is them!

Their foundation and primer collection was seriously impressive. My friend Katrina is wearing the Pixi tinted moisturiser in the pic above and her skin looks amazing (hi Katrina :)) I'm going to have to do a seperate post on those products because I have too much to say!

The magic of pixi glow collection with tinkerbell is out now- stay tuned for my review and tinkerbell looks :)

Have you tried anything from Pixi?


  1. Ooh I love Tinkerbell :) What a cute range! I can't wait to be invited to my first beauty blogger event :) x

    1. The range is super cute! It was a bit scary but worth going :) x

  2. All blogger events must be in London because I rarely get invited to any haha I'm quite far away I guess. I've never tried anything by Pixi but these products look very pretty :) xx

    1. Do you have your email address on your blog?pretty sure that's the only reason I get invited to anything! It takes me 90mins on the train to get to London so you don't have to live there! X


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