Friday, 30 March 2012

What's in my bag??

I thought I'd do a 'what's in my bag' post since I love reading other bloggers' and I've never done one myself!

I have a new bag for work so I thought I'd do it now whilst it's still relatively organised...
And here's what's inside! cards, keys and phone
Hand sanitiser- this one from body shop smells like Malibu! My friend 
had it in the mango scent so I decided to copy her and get one too.
Make up- this is why I have such a large bag! (Well no, it's because 
I usually have a pair of shoes and my lunch box in there)
You can see my post about make up I wear to work *here* so I won't 
elaborate too much.
Also I keep my long brushes if I need them in packaging from no 7 or 
Ecotools as it seals shut and stops them getting dirty.
I need to do a separate post on travel make up brushes because I have 
this set from Japonesque which I got in John Lewis' a while ago, and you 
should know about it!
Cuticle cream & lipbalm from L'occitane-the lipbalm is honey scented 
which I love and the cuticle cream is so small and handy to use on the 
go. I have really dry fingers so it's quite important. I just love L'occitane stuff
Toothbrush and Blanx toothpaste I got into the habit of brushing my teeth several times a day after my jaw operation and it is a hard habit to break!
The Blanx was sent to me by PR but I have tried lots and it is the best whitening toothpaste for the money. 
Magazines & headphones- I spend a lot of time on the bus every day so I need to entertain myself!

So that's a bit about me and my bag, please let me know what's in yours!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spring Nights Look

If you were on Twitter on Saturday night you might have seen me post a picture of my beautiful friend Natalie wearing some dramatic Spring fashion inspired eye make-up, but in case you missed it I thought I'd share it with you now!

We took inspiration (after a few glasses of vino, admittedly) from butterfly prints and if you want to see some Amazing butterfly inspired SS12 fashion then check out *these*  on Tumblr!

The actual products we used were a bit mis-matched, I did the entire eye make up using only a turquoise Boots 17 eyeshaow, a black kohl pencil and L'oreal volume million lash mascara.

So that's our fashion inspired look
What do you think?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Notd: on the bus

I've chosen notd over fotd today because I'm on a bus and it was more inconspicuous to photograph my hand than my face right now!

This is Essie going incognito. A bottle green cream with a touch of navy in certain lights, it applies like a dream with 2 coats as standard with salon polishes.

What do you think of the green nails?
And what are you all doing this Saturday with the beautiful weather? Once I get off this bus I'm thinking pub garden!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

YSL Glossy Stain no 9

I am a bit YSL obsessed at the moment so I couldn't resist one of their latest lip products: rouge pur couture vernis a levres or glossy stains to us normal consumers.

YSL glossy stain 9 rouge laque
I chose the bright red, un-inspiringly named rouge laque- quite a few of them seem to be named as the purely the general colour of the product followed by a synonym for 'shiny' which isn't very interesting! (although names aren't exactly vital)

It is opaque in one sweep and you can build the depth of colour, although rouge laque is fire engine red to start with so there's not really potential for a subtle look with this one!

This lip stain lasts and stays glossy and true to colour for at least 8 hours on me as long as I don't eat, drink or touch it at all. I've seen some impressive swatches for this product on other people after they've been consuming whatever but it doesn't withstand 4 cups of coffee and a biscuit on me personally. This may well be because I have very dry lips so it dries out before it wears of. Also it seems to set quite firm in texture like tacky varnish on me!

fotd: estee lauder invisible foundation, chanel illusion d'ombre emervielle, mac avenue fluidline, benefit badgal mascara

Still, when it looks like this I can starve & drink through a straw. I may have to get a more low maintenance shade to review the formula properly- all in the name of research *ahem* of course. 

Have you tried the glossy stains yet?
What's your favourite lip stain?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shop Mac, Cook Mac & Pearl Glide swatches

Hmm, what first...? 
We'll go Shop Mac, Cook Mac mini haul:

I got two of the fluidlines with mixed results, Added Goodness is a really interesting mauve/taupe colour with the usual excellent colour payoff which you get from these gel liners. Love this one.

Midnight Snack is a semi-sheer slate grey with silver shimmer. It's a very unique colour for a gel liner but I have to layer it on which annoys me. Also it doesn't seem to wear as well as the other colours but myabe that's just me?

I also got Woo Me kissable lip colour and it's the ideal my lips but better colour for me. I already have Super from the Peacocky collection last year and it's similar, Super has a slight mauve tinge to it which Woo Me does not but I really like the formula of these so now I have both :)


Also we learned from Mac this month that my favourite eye liner pencils: pearlglide intense eye liners are being made permanent. I have four of these pencils from previous collections so I thought I'd swatch them for you:

top to bottom/ l-r: black line, lord it up, undercurrent, black russian (dupe of black swan)

As the name pearlglide suggests these pencils glide onto your skin with absolutely no pressure required and they are extremely pigmented.

black line: top fave of mine (my pencil is tiny!) black with gold sparkle. can appear green in some lights
Lord it up: medium brown with shimmer. Great everyday colour
Undercurrent: Unbelievably stunning turquoise shot through with gold 
Black Russian: This was LE but I have swatched it next to Black Swan (permanent) and they are Identical to me. black packed with navy glitter

So that's all folks, 

What did you get from the Shop Mac, Cook Mac collections?
Have you picked up any pearlglides yet?

Monday, 12 March 2012

NOTD- L'oreal Macaron Noisette

I was pretty excited when L'oreal brought out 40 new nail polish shades, and on 3 for 2 in Boots- I picked up Macaron Noisette along with Mauve Rendevous (a bit Chanel paradoxal?) and French Riveria (palest turquoise with blue shimmer) 

All sound lovely but the only one I've got round to applying is Macaron Noisette thanks to an unfortunate although great haul of OPI and Essie at the Professional beauty show

I did get this thinking mainly that it would be the perfect nude which it is, but also that it's name was like, noisy little cake? I know, I know my french is outstanding right? It's actually Hazlenut Macaroon.

Macaron noisette is a pinky peach nude with white micro shimmer. It is a bit of a pain to apply, I had to do 3 coats to cover the streaks which is a hassle but I loved the end result.

I did first try this in a 'normal woman way' just slapping it on hurriedly right before a night out. I thought maybe they were designed with that in mind- No Way. You need smooth nails, base coat and top coat to make this look good.

Have you got any of these new offerings from L'oreal?
What's you favourite nude nail polish?

Monday, 5 March 2012

Pixi Tinkerbell FOTD

This palette is so beautiful, look at those sumptuous looking  
Pixi Beauty pixi belle fairy face palette
I've read some reviews on this since the launch saying it's too pretty  
to actually use but that would really be a shame because it's so  
I was never one for keeping my limited edition barbies in the box as a  
child either, they got ripped out of the packaging and were strutting  
their stuff down across the landing in no time!
The shadows in this palette are so creamy and glowy, you can use them wet for more intensity or dry as I have on the lid here for a soft look. 
The lipsticks aren't really colours I would wear alone but you can mix them.

Here's my Tinkerbell inspired look:

Face- Pixi tinted moisturiser and concealer (review coming after more  
thorough use) tinkerbell blush/highlighter, mac contour powder, Pixi  
magic dust to highlight
Eyes: Pixi catching shadows crayon as base, tinkerbell palette  
eyeshadows, Mac added goodness fluidline, diorshow mascara
Lips- mixture of lipsticks from the tinkerbell palette

catching shadows crayon in Beaming Reflection, Pixi Belle fairy palette extorior, Pixi Dust highlight powder swatches

I did say in my overview of the Pixi bloggers event that I was
impressed these products seem to work well on dry skin, and I stand by
it! I have crazy eczema on my eyelids right now and where Mac
paint pots, shade sticks and UD shadow insurance have failed me, the
Catching Shadows crayon is a winner.
Have you tried this palette out yet- what did you think?
Also do you save pretty packaging or just get stuck in?

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Saturday OOTD

I've never done an outfit of the day and well since I can't take a full body photo of myself I'm not going to start now but here's a snippet of it since I love this combination.

I'm wearing a lace camisole under a voluminous sheer cotton smock from zara (I call this my dishcloth and doilie combo) with indigo skinny jeans and killer tan heels which I'm probably going to end up swapping for silver flats in no time!

What are you wearing this Saturday?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pixi beauty event- the magic of Pixi Glow

I went to my first ever beauty bloggers event last night, I've never been to anything I've been invited to before because I'm very shy and also it takes quite a while for me to get to London on the train.

But when I saw this was obviously for Pixi beauty, a brand I've been interested in since long before I was a blogger, and it was for the launch of their Tinkerbell inspired collection Pixi glow: How could I not go??

This is just a quick post for my photos from the event, I will be doing a collection overview and a few looks from it hopefully by the weekend

clockwise from top- Pixibelle fairy palette, tinted brilliance balms, pixi belle palette exterior, Pirouette pink nail polish, Katrina testing tinted moisturiser, foundations, catching shadows crayon swatches

What first drew me to Pixi (and this was years and years ago- when I was a regular neighbourhood make-up addict not a blogger) is how their products are often multi purpose and always long lasting. They are also perfect for dry skin!

Some of my favourite things were:

Tinted brilliance balms- chunky lip balm pencils, my favourite shade was bitten berry, a sheer vampy shade

Straight on until morning eye pencils- my favourite shade is in the tinkerbell collection, it's a gorgeous sparkly khaki called 2nd star twinkle

Catching shadows crayons- crease proof eye crayons that stayed on my hand after a shower, the hand swatch above of the gorgeous shimmering neutrals is them!

Their foundation and primer collection was seriously impressive. My friend Katrina is wearing the Pixi tinted moisturiser in the pic above and her skin looks amazing (hi Katrina :)) I'm going to have to do a seperate post on those products because I have too much to say!

The magic of pixi glow collection with tinkerbell is out now- stay tuned for my review and tinkerbell looks :)

Have you tried anything from Pixi?