Friday, 17 February 2012

Tous H2O perfume

I don’t write a lot about perfume but I was quite interested to hear about the Tous H2O fragrance as it donates money to Oxfam- £160,000 so far.

The bottle is very cute and water droplet shaped, for every bottle sold 15 litres of drinking water is donated to needy communities who don’t have safe drinking water otherwise.

It’s pretty obvious from the packaging that this perfume would be an aquatic scent, and that’s exactly how Tous describe it:

Top notes: organic lemon & organic lavender
Heart notes: rose, jasmine & mandarin
Base notes: white amber & ceder

For me H2O opens similarly to Estee Lauder White Linen- the top notes are fresh and laundry-like, It’s a delicate, clean and springy fragrance with a warmer and woody dry down. The notes list make it sound more fruity and musky than it is- It isn’t one of those sweet vanillary, musky scents at all, it’s very much a cool ceder smell that cuts through. It reminds me of that Rainy smell when you get past the linen like top notes really.

If you are sporty or just looking for a perfume to wear to the gym then I think you’d enjoy this.

If you love the White Linen family this is also an affordable alternative

Either way this is supporting an important cause and is a beautiful scent.

I’m considering doing a pefume collection post or some perfume stories if you’d want to see that then let me know!

***sample provided for PR but need I remind you that this is for charity!***

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