Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rimmel Wake me up foundation review

I would so not have tried this if it hadn’t been for magazine samples. Thankfully the soft beige sample colour is appropriate for me and I fell in love.

Love struck at first application, it glides on with a brush/sponge/fingers and covers a multitude of sins whilst actually making you look awake at 6am!

Wonder struck again when I looked in the mirror at lunch time- it still looked the same. This never happens to me usually.

Finally it really hit home that this is awesome and I will probably never give it up, when I got home at 9pm and my skin looked glowing.

I have obviously bought it now (it was £5.99!) and can honestly say I reach for this before my high end counterparts. Hell, I was wearing sheer glow at the weekend and I missed the Rimmel by 7pm.

The beauty of it is it’s pretty high coverage but it looks natural, just better! I honestly never thought I would like a £6 foundation but here we are. This is how I wanted & expected Bourjois healthy mix to be.

centre photo wearing wake me up only except for eyelid primer

This wasn’t really a constructive review, more of a blatant shower of praise so I’ll try and be slightly helpful:

I have dry skin so I don’t know how it would perform on oily/combination but I’ve read very good reviews.
This is long lasting with a satin to dewey finish
It is medium to high coverage but looks light on the skin. 
Covers blemishes, pigmentation and redness effectively but sticks to flaky pieces of skin. If your skin is dry by nature (which mine is) then you’ll be fine but if you have actual dry patches on your face then this won’t help anymore than any other foundation.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think and what skin type do you have?

Please do not copy or use my before and after photographs without my consent. I do not wish to see my naked face anywhere on the internet other than on Laurasummerbeauty. Thank you!


  1. This looks fab on you! Most of the reviews for this are positive but I've heard a couple of negative ones and that's putting me off. Plus none of the shades seem right for me - either too light or too orange.

    Kudos for putting your naked face up too - I don't think I'm brave enough!


  2. Thanks Nazia! I've read bad reviews on it for dry skin too but I think as long as your skin is under control and you don't have visible flakiness then this doesn't dry it out further. You're right about the shades though, like 5 shades is enough for the whole population lol xx

  3. Absolutely love this too! And I'm very pale but found Soft Beige to be perfect. I second everything you say and have reviewed this myself :) x

    1. Ah, i was bemoaning the shade range but maybe they are quite adaptable then! Think I'll have to get a darker one in a couple of months though if we ever do see the sun again in uk lol xx

  4. I bought this foundation last weekend after having read your review and so far Im in love! I was put off first by the glitter I usually dont go for glittery foundation but this one just makes you glow instead of looking like a disco ball. I paid 9 quid though but its totally worth it. Looks great on you as well!

    1. Glad it was helpful! Thanks :) I can't see the glitter on my face at all only my hand x


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