Monday, 13 February 2012

Predictable Valentine NOTD

Hmmm, what could be more typical than a Valentines manicure with erm, hearts?

A Tiffany blue one?

Well not quite, but in the light these photos were taken in it looks a bit like it!

Left in artifical light, Right with flash

I used OPI I want to be a-lone star from the Texas collection with some lilac/blue holo hearts from Poundland. 

These came in pack of 12 different colours and I also attempted a baby yellow with yellow-peach holo hearts, and neon candy cane stripes but as you can probably imagine: it was puke inducing!

Photographic evidence was NOT necessary, believe me!

On the other hand (so to speak) An un-expected notd came courtesy of *Chester* in Germany!

Here we have Essence Champaign- a gorgeous soft white with gold micro glitter (we just don't get drugstore nail polishes that look like this in England!)

On the thumb is Essence re-mix sparkling finish top coat in waking up in vegas.
I've never owned a flakie topcoat before so I was sooo excited when I saw this! I slapped it over OPI ink as that was the nearest dark nail polish to me at the time and spent the next two days staring at my thumb nail!

Thanks again, Chester :)

Are any of you sporting a Valentines mani right now??


  1. You're welcome! Glad you enjoy them!

    I wore two Valentine Day manicures but it's a neutral week due to family reasons. I'll post them tomorrow! xox

  2. @Chester- lovely :) I hope you get your package from me soon! xx
    @Alicia- thanks hun x


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