Tuesday, 10 January 2012

YSL shocking volume mascara

I like to wait a couple of months before reviewing mascara so I’ve got a clear picture as so many mascaras change over the weeks of being open.

I purchased this in November after being persuaded by various reviews, to start with it was everything I wanted in a mascara, and it still is really, despite drying out quite significantly but that isn’t a bad thing heading toward the 3 month mark.

Packaging: Gold. Shiny. Gorgeousness
Brush:  fat, slightly double helix, a bit like dior extase has been on a diet
Application: I wiggle it through in one coat. It’s more than enough
Longevity: It is hardcore in this department, it’s actually really hard to get off
Effect: full on volume, slight tendency toward clumpiness

So I’m not sure it’s the greatest mascara that ever was, but I like it a lot.
If volume and more lashes- but NOT length, is what you’re after, then I’d recommend. If you like your high end mascaras to last you more than 3 months then I wouldn’t necessarily.

Have you tried this mascara?
What are you using now??


  1. Ahh not tried this! It makes your lashes look cray long! I quite liked Faux Cils so may try this one out :) xo

  2. @Halima- it's amazing for volume, I'll have to try faux cils to compare x

  3. May I say that you have the most beautiful eyes ever!!!
    Haven;t tried this as yet, but sure gave great volume to your lashes.


  4. @pandorassbox- aw thank you! That's really nice :) it us awesome for volume, just a shame it dried out after 2 months x

  5. I truly have never seen an eye colour like yours! Crazy beautiful!

    1. Thank you that's a lovely thing to say! X


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