Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Summary

End of January summary time...

Staying on Taupe

You don't know Jacques...Textured!

I have fallen back in love with Taupe nail polish this month and been rocking the above (temporary matte/shiny dotted pattern done with matte and gloss top coats and dotting tool- temporary because as soon as you put hand cream/hair conditioner on the oil takes away the matte pattern!)

Patriotic Patient

Union Jack Interiors

Since I spent the first half of this month recovering from an operation, for Christmas I got several cushions and blankets, all with Union Jacks! 
The small velvet cushion was from my Mum, along with the rose satin pillow.
The larger canvas cushion shown with my Teddy Tin Tin is from my gorgeous Auntie Daisy

Floral Fancies

It's been all about flowers

I've been loving the Zara sale this month and this gorgeous tee with the fabric rose garland was only £10, I LOVE the quotation on the front.
The roses and carnations were from my beloved :) Thank you to everybody who sent me flowers during my recovery if you are reading!

I find out on Friday whether my operation was successful so wish me luck xxx


  1. I love that nail look! I have that OPI shade and expected it to look really sophisticated but on me it highlights any redness in my hands :( x

  2. @lottysluxuries- thanks :) such a pain when A good neutral shade pulls too warm or cool on your skintone! X


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