Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pan Down- January empties

Another month gone, another load of empty containers...

1. Clarins pure melt cleansing gel
I used this as my secondary cleanser after my make up remover, it's a really lovely product. The gel melts into an oil on your skin and then becomes a cleansing milk when mixed with water. It leaves your skin squeaky clean and soft and lasts forever! I've had this travel size since June last year and I used it every night.

2. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
I loved this sample from glossy box, I got about 7 or 8 applications out of it and really wish I could justify the price of a new container full. I put it on my damp hair for 10-20 minutes before shampooing it out, (it’s easily done whilst I also have a face mask on or want to clean the sink etc) and afterwards my hair had loads of bouce & shine. Need more!

3. Blistex daily lip conditioner
Awesome lip balm, pure mint-vanillary scented goodness. Review *here*

4. Chanel Vitalumiere foundation
I got the last bit out eventually. Upside down storage had to occur after the full review of the foundation *here*

5.Label M honey & oat shampoo + conditioner
I bought these because I like the smell (like burnt caramel) and the packaging. They lasted 5 months which is quite good for me, they did improve the general state of my hair. When I run out of other options that I want to try at the moment this is what I’ll be going back to. They were about £25 for both products together, if you don’t like strong sweet scents then I would avoid!

6. Cow Shed cow slip soothing hand cream
I got this free with a magazine and although I liked the packaging I hated the smell (clinical citrus-bleugh) and it irritated the eczema on my cuticles.

7. Garnier Intensive 7 days nourishing cream
I liked this body lotion so much I’ve bought 2 more of them, I don’t know who tested their marketing theory that it moisturises for 7 days. You wouldn't wash it off in that space of time, no? I love the stuff in spite of it's stupid claims. It sinks in immediately, moisturises intensely and is dirt cheap.

8. Veet hair minimiser
This is another product (like my soap & glory slimwear cream) that I thought was a bit gimmicky...until I stopped using it and then realised how beneficial it was! Hopefully this will go on offer again before summer so I can get more than 7 days mileage out of my leg wax again. If not, it's under £5 anyway.

How was January for you?
What have you been using up?


  1. I love the Garnier 7 day moisturiser too. It actually keeps me scale free for a few days, not a week but certainly longer than any other I've tried.

    1. I agree, I got the sensitive skin one with honey and the gel like one as well!

  2. I LOVE that Clarins cleanser!

    It's amazing at what it does and leaves my skin feeling so silky.

    It started me off on a hunt for other gel-to-oil-to-creamy goodness cleansers (Elemis and YSL (which was £40!!!) but Clarins is still the nicest.


    1. Good to know it's better than the elemis one! Not bad value for money as surely the full size would last about a year x

  3. I really like the label m shamppo but can't really justify the price unfortunately

    1. I'm in a conundrum about whether high end hair products really make that much difference or not! X


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