Saturday, 7 January 2012

Pan Down- December empties

Not so many empties this month- and how slow am I posting this!

1. Colbert MD Nourish eye cream sample 
this was a generous sample that came in a boudoir prive box and it lasted me almost 3 months. It's a lovely eye cream, I can't see spending over £90 on it though- for that money I'd want to see undeniable results!

2. Avene rich hydrating cream
Re-purchased! Finally I've found a lightweight, ultra moisturising cream for my very-dry-and-occasionally-a bit-psycho skin. I love this, my skin is now pretty much normal on a day to day basis. It doesn't have the luxury feel of my other fave L'occitane ultra rich face cream but although they both only last 8 weeks, the Avene only costs £14; not £29.

3. The Sanctuary ultra rich body butter
This is a really nice body butter for very dry skin. Also it lasts ages! I used it 4 times a week and it did me over 3 months. Although I suppose I didn't use it on my calves or feet as I used designated products on those areas at the time but still the butter seemed to last a fair while! The only thing stopping me re-purchasing is a) the price is a bit steep compared to other brands of the same quality and b) tub containers annoy me.

4. Clarins beauty flash balm
re-purchased! This is in my 2011 favourites which you can read *here* if you want to

5. Toni & Guy cleanse dry shampoo
I can't fault this really, I'm struggling to remember why I didn't re purchase, maybe because batiste was on offer at the time? I think maybe it's because you don't get loads of volume with this one, it's more hair refreshing than styling. It is clear though which is a bonus.

6. Boots Botanics moisturising sugar scrub
May I draw you attention to my earlier point tub containers annoy me, so why I continue to buy them I just don't know. Even so, this product again lasts a really long time- 5/6 months! and I used it 4 times a week. It kind of leaves a thick waxy film over your skin which would put some people off. I prefer oil and salt scrubs I think.

I also finished Weleda pomegranate oil which came in a Glossy box as well, but I accidentally deleted the photo...
The oil is a GREAT product but too messy for a wally like me. It ends up on everything

What have you been using up?


  1. Interested to read about the Avene cream...might give it a try!x

  2. @Maria- thank you for being the first commentor! The Avene is amazing for dry skin, so annoyed I never tried it sooner x


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