Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pan Down- January empties

Another month gone, another load of empty containers...

1. Clarins pure melt cleansing gel
I used this as my secondary cleanser after my make up remover, it's a really lovely product. The gel melts into an oil on your skin and then becomes a cleansing milk when mixed with water. It leaves your skin squeaky clean and soft and lasts forever! I've had this travel size since June last year and I used it every night.

2. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
I loved this sample from glossy box, I got about 7 or 8 applications out of it and really wish I could justify the price of a new container full. I put it on my damp hair for 10-20 minutes before shampooing it out, (it’s easily done whilst I also have a face mask on or want to clean the sink etc) and afterwards my hair had loads of bouce & shine. Need more!

3. Blistex daily lip conditioner
Awesome lip balm, pure mint-vanillary scented goodness. Review *here*

4. Chanel Vitalumiere foundation
I got the last bit out eventually. Upside down storage had to occur after the full review of the foundation *here*

5.Label M honey & oat shampoo + conditioner
I bought these because I like the smell (like burnt caramel) and the packaging. They lasted 5 months which is quite good for me, they did improve the general state of my hair. When I run out of other options that I want to try at the moment this is what I’ll be going back to. They were about £25 for both products together, if you don’t like strong sweet scents then I would avoid!

6. Cow Shed cow slip soothing hand cream
I got this free with a magazine and although I liked the packaging I hated the smell (clinical citrus-bleugh) and it irritated the eczema on my cuticles.

7. Garnier Intensive 7 days nourishing cream
I liked this body lotion so much I’ve bought 2 more of them, I don’t know who tested their marketing theory that it moisturises for 7 days. You wouldn't wash it off in that space of time, no? I love the stuff in spite of it's stupid claims. It sinks in immediately, moisturises intensely and is dirt cheap.

8. Veet hair minimiser
This is another product (like my soap & glory slimwear cream) that I thought was a bit gimmicky...until I stopped using it and then realised how beneficial it was! Hopefully this will go on offer again before summer so I can get more than 7 days mileage out of my leg wax again. If not, it's under £5 anyway.

How was January for you?
What have you been using up?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Summary

End of January summary time...

Staying on Taupe

You don't know Jacques...Textured!

I have fallen back in love with Taupe nail polish this month and been rocking the above (temporary matte/shiny dotted pattern done with matte and gloss top coats and dotting tool- temporary because as soon as you put hand cream/hair conditioner on the oil takes away the matte pattern!)

Patriotic Patient

Union Jack Interiors

Since I spent the first half of this month recovering from an operation, for Christmas I got several cushions and blankets, all with Union Jacks! 
The small velvet cushion was from my Mum, along with the rose satin pillow.
The larger canvas cushion shown with my Teddy Tin Tin is from my gorgeous Auntie Daisy

Floral Fancies

It's been all about flowers

I've been loving the Zara sale this month and this gorgeous tee with the fabric rose garland was only £10, I LOVE the quotation on the front.
The roses and carnations were from my beloved :) Thank you to everybody who sent me flowers during my recovery if you are reading!

I find out on Friday whether my operation was successful so wish me luck xxx

Friday, 27 January 2012

Clinique Lid Smoothie

I've wanted to try these for a while now so when I went to get my friend a sheer lippie for her birthday I couldn't resist anymore, I'm just impressed I didn't get the champagne shade at the same time.

I chose the green.. huge surprise, not. If you want to see further evidence of my appreciation of green eye shadow see dedicated post *here*

It's called cute-cumber which is not what I would've chosen...

I think a shade inspired by a cucumber would be sheer or gloss finish, not a frosty silver tipped pale green. The shade is exacly what I would describe the colour 'Sage' as. Why they didn't call it 'sweet-sage' I don't know.

Why I'm not a beauty product name developer I think is obvious now, though!

here it is in action:

cute-cumber on the lid with mac shroom in the inner corner and carbon in the outer v

It's a cream eyeshadow in a lip gloss tube, basically, and it has a cooling metal applicator which is nice first thing in the morning!

The lid smoothie claims to last 8 hours of wear; which it does almost down to the minute! This isn't long enough for me at work, I need 16 hours which I can only get from a paint pot really. 

The longevity is unaffected by a powder shadow on top of it.

It's so pretty and easy to apply I can forgive it's shortcomings in longwear, at least it does what t claims to!

Have you picked any of these lid smoothies up yet?
DO you like this type of tube applicator for eyeshadow or do you prefer more traditional packaging??

Monday, 23 January 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation

Another foundation it has taken me a ridiculously long time to review, in fact it's practically finished but better late than never...


Gel-like fluid, applies seamlessly and effortlessly as you'd expect


Neat pump applicator 


Smooth and sleek, has a nice weight to it and is functional & easy to keep clean- One downer is it's sooo hard to get the last bit of product out!

Exhibit A:

Can you see that? Infuriating!


I have dry skin and it doesn't last 8 hours without powder, if you had an oiler skin I can't imagine it would stay on 5 minutes!


Dewy and sheer. It does conceal imperfections in a similar way to my Clarins skin illusion and those types of foundation- kind of glosses over them rather than gives a thick concealing layer of coverage.

Before and After!

So as you can see it's not a high coverage or long lasting solution, but I think it gives your skin a nice glow and makes it look polished.

Would I re purchase?

It lasts a really long time (in the bottle, not on the skin!) which is just as well for £33. I think I prefer NARS sheer glow at the moment because it's higher coverage but I do still like Vitalumiere a lot.

Have you tried this foundation?

What base products are you loving?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Meet My Hedgehog

Sometimes there's just nothing as satisfying as piece of statement jewellery  which attracts a lot of attention. Especially if it's super cute and cost £3.50.

Yes, meet the bejewelled hedgehog ring I picked up in the Topshop sale. Seriously I have never had so many comments on anything I've ever worn- ranging from Ohmigod that is Adorable! to the obvious Is that a hedgehog on your finger?

Hedgehog is covered in glittering yellow diamante and although he is certainly gaudy, I can't stop wearing it. I love quirky jewellery and also got a frog necklace at the same time. 

Hedgehog accompanying NOTD is Essie Size Matters from the Christmas collection:

Have you been buying anything in the January sales that your loving now?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

10 days...10 lipsticks

This year I have resolved to start using all my lipsticks and glosses so I’m challenging myself to wear a different one each day and swatch them for you as well as show you how I wore them. This may get boring for me so we’ll see how long it actually lasts but here is my first eclectic bunch!

I know lots of other beauty bloggers are doing a very similar series at the moment so if you want me to link your post please let me know!

Also these posts won't usually be as long as this one... now I'm back to work I'll be most likely wearing different lipsticks of the same colour family with exactly the same look on the rest of my face.

Dior Beige Angelique
Middle swatch in centre: Worn with mac quad, mac undercurrent pearlglide liner, ysl shocking 
mascara, brown liquid liner,Nars sheer glow, benefit erase paste & touch√© √©clat, ysl creme de 
blush 1, mac pearl ccb
Nude-peach, I think this was limited edition for fall or maybe the Christmas collection last year, it’s so sheer that I have to wear it with lip erase underneath for the peachiness to show or else it just pulls pink on me. If you don’t have very pigmented lips then it probably wouldn’t be a problem. I really liked the look I wore this with too- very old eyeshadow palette from a MAC holiday collection!

MAC Bubble Lounge lipgelee

I bought this from the lovely *Deyleteful Speaks* in her blog sale last year but it came out with Champale collection. It’s very dense actually and super sparkly! Rubbish accompanying fotd but I am wearing very minimal make up with this gloss.

MAC dressmaker dressmaker

(lustre, pret a papier collection 2010-Worn with 17 tinted moisturiser, mac pearl ccb, 
ysl creme de blush 1, 17 liquid liner, ysl shocking mascara, Chanel illusion d'ombre 82
Ah now you can see what happens to lipsticks I’ve had a while- they get bent. This lippie came out in pret-a-papier collection in 2010. I don’t know why I don’t wear it more- I really enjoyed wearing it on this day. 


Now you’ve all seen this lipstick but have you ever seen one this deformed? It most likely the most distressed lipstick I own and probably one of the oldest. I find this really hard to wear to be honest, it washes me out and looks very pale and pink on me. I used to have lighter skin a few years ago and got a lot more wear out of it then- also I used to pair it with Boy Bait gloss from MAC which I must repurchase!


Dolce and Gabbana Mandorla & 17 mirror shine lipstick Bee Hive
Worn with chanel vitalumiere, benefit erase paste, 
mac superdupernatural blush & pearl ccb, sleek au naturel palette: matte White, beige, pale grey + black used. Benefit badgal liner, Ysl shocking mascara.
I love this colour, it’s a very nude-pink, some reviews I’ve seen say  “ballet pink” I’m not very good at shade descriptions though! I cited this as my favourite lipstick of 2011 in my *favourites* post.
17 mirror shine lipstick Bee Hive is not at all similar to Mandorla, but I wore it with exactly the same matte grey smokey eye as I did Mandorla which is why they’re pictured together. Bee Hive is pale pink and very glossy.

MAC Brave red, prudeaux slim shine, love peck kissable lip colour and Maybelline Fatal red

After my *FOTD* at the end of last year I got stuck in a red rut and wore these four shades with the same make up pictured above. Brave red is definitely my favourite red in my collection.

Ok so 10 down…100 or so to go- in seperate, short posts I might add!

Do you use all the lipsticks you have or do you have a huge archive of unused products like me?

Don't forget to tell me if you are doing this lipstick using project too, I can link to you guys like a lipstick hoarders club or something!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

YSL shocking volume mascara

I like to wait a couple of months before reviewing mascara so I’ve got a clear picture as so many mascaras change over the weeks of being open.

I purchased this in November after being persuaded by various reviews, to start with it was everything I wanted in a mascara, and it still is really, despite drying out quite significantly but that isn’t a bad thing heading toward the 3 month mark.

Packaging: Gold. Shiny. Gorgeousness
Brush:  fat, slightly double helix, a bit like dior extase has been on a diet
Application: I wiggle it through in one coat. It’s more than enough
Longevity: It is hardcore in this department, it’s actually really hard to get off
Effect: full on volume, slight tendency toward clumpiness

So I’m not sure it’s the greatest mascara that ever was, but I like it a lot.
If volume and more lashes- but NOT length, is what you’re after, then I’d recommend. If you like your high end mascaras to last you more than 3 months then I wouldn’t necessarily.

Have you tried this mascara?
What are you using now??

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Pan Down- December empties

Not so many empties this month- and how slow am I posting this!

1. Colbert MD Nourish eye cream sample 
this was a generous sample that came in a boudoir prive box and it lasted me almost 3 months. It's a lovely eye cream, I can't see spending over £90 on it though- for that money I'd want to see undeniable results!

2. Avene rich hydrating cream
Re-purchased! Finally I've found a lightweight, ultra moisturising cream for my very-dry-and-occasionally-a bit-psycho skin. I love this, my skin is now pretty much normal on a day to day basis. It doesn't have the luxury feel of my other fave L'occitane ultra rich face cream but although they both only last 8 weeks, the Avene only costs £14; not £29.

3. The Sanctuary ultra rich body butter
This is a really nice body butter for very dry skin. Also it lasts ages! I used it 4 times a week and it did me over 3 months. Although I suppose I didn't use it on my calves or feet as I used designated products on those areas at the time but still the butter seemed to last a fair while! The only thing stopping me re-purchasing is a) the price is a bit steep compared to other brands of the same quality and b) tub containers annoy me.

4. Clarins beauty flash balm
re-purchased! This is in my 2011 favourites which you can read *here* if you want to

5. Toni & Guy cleanse dry shampoo
I can't fault this really, I'm struggling to remember why I didn't re purchase, maybe because batiste was on offer at the time? I think maybe it's because you don't get loads of volume with this one, it's more hair refreshing than styling. It is clear though which is a bonus.

6. Boots Botanics moisturising sugar scrub
May I draw you attention to my earlier point tub containers annoy me, so why I continue to buy them I just don't know. Even so, this product again lasts a really long time- 5/6 months! and I used it 4 times a week. It kind of leaves a thick waxy film over your skin which would put some people off. I prefer oil and salt scrubs I think.

I also finished Weleda pomegranate oil which came in a Glossy box as well, but I accidentally deleted the photo...
The oil is a GREAT product but too messy for a wally like me. It ends up on everything

What have you been using up?

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year NOTD


Hope you're having a great new year so far and first week back at work if you're at work :)

Here's my new year notd:

OPI I Brake for Manicures and Show it and glow it! on the ring finger

I brake for manicures is from the touring america collection and I would describe  it as erm, a blackened blurple? Show it and glow it! (Christ I hate exclamation marks in product names)!! is maybe bright lilac with pink and silver glitter. That's enough of my rubbishy shade descriptions for now

I wore the pretty much the same manicure last New Year, with either MAC rain of flowers or OPI teasey does it as the main colour.

Nothing new or original but anyone's standards but I love this colour combination.

Do you have a go-to manicure that you wear for special occasions?