Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Summary

1.       Clothes-wise, November has been all about the lace tights for me, these ones are from tk maxx which is where I get most of my tights from (Wolford, Falke, Jonathon Aston, Henry Holland... for less than £5 a pair…so the same price as Dorothy Perkins but  10X the quality)

The pictured pair are a brand called Vixen which I’ve never heard of but they look amazing! Sadly I’m finding it impossible to take a clear picture of my own legs so I resorted to this angle

2.       DiorShow mascara has made a comeback this month, after my overly dramatic and emotional review *here* where I said it wasn’t how I remembered it to be, it let me down, broke my heart, yada-yada- I left it alone for a month and it got good. I stand by the review as you can’t pay that kind of money for a mascara that performs well for a few weeks out of 3 months, but I have been enjoying it while it lasts

3.       I feel like photos of various hot pot style cuisine is standard  in these posts of mine so this month it is sausage, lentil and squash casserole. I found some appropriately named ‘casserole sausages’ in Tesco and decided to use them in this dish. I can’t find a link anywhere to a similar recipe and I didn’t follow it properly anyway, just as well I’m not a food blogger really! It was basically sausages, lentils, squash, red pepper and kale with pork stock cubes and water. It was nice, trust me.

4.       My Black Friday order from Beauty Bay eventually turned up and it was the Essie Winter collection miniatures, the two missing shades from the collection are of course now the ones I really want, which was the caramel and muted teal shades, but on organising my nail polishes today I notice I have both caramel and teal colours in mass abundance so that is not a great loss.

   Otherwise November has been a weird month, I’ve off work sick for the majority of the time, I’m still waiting to get my biopsy results for the growth on my jaw so the FoTD ban continues until my face is more symmetrical!

   How was your November?


  1. wow, those tights are amazing!
    also, i love those nail colours, gorgeous :) xo

  2. @babyface- thanks! I know the whole essie collection is lovely this year, I can't wait to get some of the luxeffects as well x

  3. Hi Laura, have you tried Diorshow Extase? I've been using up my tester, and absolutely love it. Just done a review/blog post about it! ;)x. Hope your jaw is getting better btw.

  4. @maria- Thank you :) I have tried it about a year ago but since my mascara application has hopefully improved I might give it another go! X


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