Friday, 25 November 2011

Pan Down- November Empties

I explained why I call monthly empties Pan Down in my previous post…I won’t bore you with that irrational explanation again!

1.       The Body Shop Oat & Honey cleansing mask

This is a staple in my skincare routine now, it is smells so good and is really soothing. I use it 2 or 3 times a week and it lasts about 3 months.
My full review is *here* but I will add since I’ve read more reviews in it, that on dry skin it does set hard. I’ve read many, many reviews for combination skin that explain it stays wet on that skin type but I have dry skin and the mask sets in 5-10 minutes on me.

2.       17 photo flawless primer
I do like this primer, it was about £3 and I will probably purchase it again when there’s a 17 3 for2 offer on. I don’t think it particularly helps my foundation to stay on but it does make my skin look much smoother and pores less noticeable. Great value for money

3.       L’oreal Studio secrets primer

Typical that I use up 2 primers at once! This primer is OK, I do think it helps foundation to stay on but unlike the 17 one, I see no difference in the surface appearance of my skin. There are so may better primers around for this kind of money!

4.       Derma Intensive hand lotion
I got this from Tesco to keep on my desk at work, it was 75p. It’s actually pretty good! I’d certainly recommend it if you’re on a budget!

1.       Laura Mercier crème smooth foundation

I finally bit the bullet and scooped up the last application that’s been lingering in the container for about 5 months. I got through this foundation REALLY fast, like in 6 weeks…which is appalling considering how much it cost. In hind sight I think I applied this stupidly though. I might re-purchase as it is a gorgeous foundation (my review *here*) but if I do I will definitely apply using fingers and then finish with a sponge. I used to apply this with the sponge straight from the pot and probably wasted loads.

2.       Neutrogena deep clean make up remover

I only use this for cleaning my eyeliner brushes or getting make up stains off things, it’s way too harsh to use on my actual face but it does remove make up swiftly

3.       Scholl deep moisturising cream

I love this foot cream, it’s a main stay with the Scholl rough skin remover exfoliator and I always re-purchase it

4.       Soap & Glory Heel genius
Not pictured as I just couldn’t wait to throw it away once I’d finally got through it, this is the worst foot cream I’ve ever used. 

So what are you getting through this month?
Have you used any of these products??


  1. Ooooh you've just reminded me about the honey and oat mask. I used to use it alot back in Australia. I think I may have to visit the body shop tomorrow :o x

  2. @hannah rose- I can't recommend it enough, I love that stuff :) x

    @gaby- I know! In quite impressed myself lol xx

  3. new follower!


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