Monday, 21 November 2011

November Glossy Box


This is also a mobile test run for me so who knows I'd you'll be able to actually see anything?

I'm pretty stunned to be holding a new glossy box at this time in the morning, they normally arrive mid morning buy I'm not complaining :)

Illamasqua Freak perfume is my favourite item. I wanted to try this sooo badly!

Then I have more nail rock wraps. Annoying as we got these a few months ago and yet again I have a boring black and White striped design

Next is dead sea magik gentle cleansing wash and Arbonne cooling foot cream...

Finally I have Philip Kingsley hair elasticizer which I'm excited to try.

Have you got yours?


  1. I think I got exactly the same box and I am SUPER disappointed. This month is 100% waste of money. There is no even a properly-sized product. :( X

  2. @mademoiselle lala- I really don't think there's a standout product this month, let's hope they really pull out the stops for the Christmas box! x

  3. Got a similar box to you and I am now going to cancel my subscription to it. Definitely not worth the money : (x

  4. @maria- I'm not bowled over by this one but think I'm gonna carry on with Glossy box, every now again they make the whole subscription worthwhile!


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