Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Green Eyed Girl

I have a major khaki-crush at the moment as far as eyeshadows are concerned and here are some of the products I’ve been wearing religiously

Laura Mercier caviar eye stick in khaki, Stila waterproof smudge pencil  in Mornay,YSL cream eyeliner in bronze black (it’s so un-bronze!)MAC eyeshadows in Sumptuous Olive and GreenSmoke

I reviewed the YSL liner *here* and I’m also wearing the Stila product- which came in Glossy box- in that post as well (this green thing has clearly been going on a while!)

Now the real point of this post is the Laura Mercier caviar eye stick.

It is, quite simply, lovely. It makes me want to quote my welsh stepmother and say It Is Lush
I Have the shade Khaki and it is so pigmented and creamy.
Really easy to apply and can be worn opaque or sheered out, when blended you can see it’s taupe coloured base so it’s so easy to create an eye look with just this product.

In the photo below I’m just wearing Khaki with the YSL liner on the lash line and MAC mega metal shadow in Prance on the inner corner only.

Khaki swatched heavily then blended out

Although caviar eye sticks aren’t particularly marketed as creaseless cream products if you allow it to dry for a minute before blending or applying a shadow over the top it doesn’t crease on me.

It is definitely my favourite purchase of the past few months!

Have you tried any of the caviar eye sticks?
What colours are you loving at the moment?


  1. No Laura, noooo! You KNOW I cannot resist khaki green shades!

    It looks stunning on you and now I have a serious case of the 'wants'!

    Would you like me to do a post on my khakis/antique greens? Obviously I don't mind if you say no!


  2. @nazia- yes! That sounds awesome :) hehe it is lovely, I might get them in more colours xx

  3. oooh, had my eye on the caviar sticks for a while...need to get one now!
    i love that Stila eyeliner of the few things I'm still using from Glossybox!

  4. @maria- they had the caviar sticks on buyapowa yesterday for £15 each so I'd check if they're still on there if you're thinking about getting one :) I love the stila eyeliner, I will have to investigate more colours! X


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