Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Green Eyed Girl

I have a major khaki-crush at the moment as far as eyeshadows are concerned and here are some of the products I’ve been wearing religiously

Laura Mercier caviar eye stick in khaki, Stila waterproof smudge pencil  in Mornay,YSL cream eyeliner in bronze black (it’s so un-bronze!)MAC eyeshadows in Sumptuous Olive and GreenSmoke

I reviewed the YSL liner *here* and I’m also wearing the Stila product- which came in Glossy box- in that post as well (this green thing has clearly been going on a while!)

Now the real point of this post is the Laura Mercier caviar eye stick.

It is, quite simply, lovely. It makes me want to quote my welsh stepmother and say It Is Lush
I Have the shade Khaki and it is so pigmented and creamy.
Really easy to apply and can be worn opaque or sheered out, when blended you can see it’s taupe coloured base so it’s so easy to create an eye look with just this product.

In the photo below I’m just wearing Khaki with the YSL liner on the lash line and MAC mega metal shadow in Prance on the inner corner only.

Khaki swatched heavily then blended out

Although caviar eye sticks aren’t particularly marketed as creaseless cream products if you allow it to dry for a minute before blending or applying a shadow over the top it doesn’t crease on me.

It is definitely my favourite purchase of the past few months!

Have you tried any of the caviar eye sticks?
What colours are you loving at the moment?

Friday, 25 November 2011

Pan Down- November Empties

I explained why I call monthly empties Pan Down in my previous post…I won’t bore you with that irrational explanation again!

1.       The Body Shop Oat & Honey cleansing mask

This is a staple in my skincare routine now, it is smells so good and is really soothing. I use it 2 or 3 times a week and it lasts about 3 months.
My full review is *here* but I will add since I’ve read more reviews in it, that on dry skin it does set hard. I’ve read many, many reviews for combination skin that explain it stays wet on that skin type but I have dry skin and the mask sets in 5-10 minutes on me.

2.       17 photo flawless primer
I do like this primer, it was about £3 and I will probably purchase it again when there’s a 17 3 for2 offer on. I don’t think it particularly helps my foundation to stay on but it does make my skin look much smoother and pores less noticeable. Great value for money

3.       L’oreal Studio secrets primer

Typical that I use up 2 primers at once! This primer is OK, I do think it helps foundation to stay on but unlike the 17 one, I see no difference in the surface appearance of my skin. There are so may better primers around for this kind of money!

4.       Derma Intensive hand lotion
I got this from Tesco to keep on my desk at work, it was 75p. It’s actually pretty good! I’d certainly recommend it if you’re on a budget!

1.       Laura Mercier crème smooth foundation

I finally bit the bullet and scooped up the last application that’s been lingering in the container for about 5 months. I got through this foundation REALLY fast, like in 6 weeks…which is appalling considering how much it cost. In hind sight I think I applied this stupidly though. I might re-purchase as it is a gorgeous foundation (my review *here*) but if I do I will definitely apply using fingers and then finish with a sponge. I used to apply this with the sponge straight from the pot and probably wasted loads.

2.       Neutrogena deep clean make up remover

I only use this for cleaning my eyeliner brushes or getting make up stains off things, it’s way too harsh to use on my actual face but it does remove make up swiftly

3.       Scholl deep moisturising cream

I love this foot cream, it’s a main stay with the Scholl rough skin remover exfoliator and I always re-purchase it

4.       Soap & Glory Heel genius
Not pictured as I just couldn’t wait to throw it away once I’d finally got through it, this is the worst foot cream I’ve ever used. 

So what are you getting through this month?
Have you used any of these products??

Monday, 21 November 2011

November Glossy Box


This is also a mobile test run for me so who knows I'd you'll be able to actually see anything?

I'm pretty stunned to be holding a new glossy box at this time in the morning, they normally arrive mid morning buy I'm not complaining :)

Illamasqua Freak perfume is my favourite item. I wanted to try this sooo badly!

Then I have more nail rock wraps. Annoying as we got these a few months ago and yet again I have a boring black and White striped design

Next is dead sea magik gentle cleansing wash and Arbonne cooling foot cream...

Finally I have Philip Kingsley hair elasticizer which I'm excited to try.

Have you got yours?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

NOTD: Midtown Magic

China Glaze Midtown Magic is part of their Metro collection, I got this as part of a mini Sally's haul in which I also picked up OPI Russian Navy, and I brake for manicures from the OPI touring America collection.

Midtown /magic is a gorgeous dark brown with green and gold glitter, my blur-tastic iPhonery does it no justice at all...

Let's try it with a decent camera and flash:

OK you can see the bling now but potentially decent camera + daylight = the way to go.

Are you loving dark nails this November?
What's your NOTD?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation review

I need to get round to reviewing more of my foundation collection, I always want to thoroughly test them out before giving a review, but then end up practically finishing them before mentioning it at all!

Needless to say, I’ve been using this since September so I should have a fair idea what it’s like by now

Packaging: Very nice, glass container. Metal lid. Chunky, weighty, expensive feeling.

Texture: gel like cream, reminds me of Bourjois healthy mix and Lancome teint miracle

Coverage: Light medium. It’s comparable to Chanel Vitalumiere in coverage (another foundation I’ve had ages and not reviewed) It camouflages more by reflecting away from imperfections rather than masking them with colour

Finish: Dewey but looks great powdered lightly, it retains a satiny glow and photographs well.

Longevity: Good for a dewey foundation, powdered it lasts all day on me
Value: It’s £25 which for a high end feel foundation is not that bad. The packaging puts MAC in the shade and they’re around the same price.

As you can see it doesn’t cover blemishes or under eye circles

 it does photograph flat so in the 3rd photo I have on concealer, elf HD powder, mac pearl ccb to highlight areas of the face, bourjois chocolate bronzer to contour and YSL cream blush. That’s ALL necessary to give my face dimension.

All in all I really like skin illusion. It smells like cucumbers for reference. The shade I have is Amber which is a bit dark for me now I’m not tanned but the shade range is good.

Have you tried any Clarins foundations?
What did you think?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Glossy Box vs Boudoir Prive

GlossyBox vs Boudoir Prive

This is an over done subject I know but a decision I had to share with you, so here are my thoughts so far: help me decide!

GlossyBox October & Overall

From what I’ve seen I think this is the first month we have all got the same box, just varying nail polish shades.

Dermalogica samples & bag- very nice to have the bag and everyone loves a bit of Dermalogica. However that in itself makes me wonder why it’s in here? If Dermalogica works for you, then generally that’s what you use. I don’t think this was a very imaginative addition but absolutely outstanding products nonetheless.

Leighton Denny nail polish- I received the colour hanky panky and whilst I love the name, I hate the colour with a passion. It is hideous and although they can’t cater for personal taste- and that isn’t the point- I do repeatedly get the bargain basement feel with their colour choices of A LOT of the samples (Silver Illamasqua lipgloss, anyone...) 

Stila eyeliner- for me this something I would actually buy and
probably will sooner now I've tried this. Each month glossybox do
provide something that makes the £13 worth it alone

Perfume samples- I know these tiny vials irritate many customers but I
am a fragrance fanatic so although I haven't loved any of them so far
I'm more than happy to be sent a whole boxful of perfume samples
because I just want to smell everything. I walk through john lewis at
least 3 times a week and spritz a different perfume on each arm, even
mens ones...

Overall- After 5 boxes I feel like with Glossy Box you get brands you have certainly heard of or even tried before. Usually excellent quality products though!

Predictable? Yes. Disappointing? No...

Boudoir Prive October and Overall

Studiomakeup Eye Liner pen- this is a new brand to me and a great product from what I can see so far. This is what I like about Boudoir Prive; they introduce you to lovely new brands that you couldn’t find yourself on a routine trip around Boots (like Stila)

Rose & Co lip balm and Korres body butter- Both great products which, if I wasn’t allergic to them I would be ecstatic to use but as it is I’m really happy to give them as gifts

Perfume sample- This one I actually really like, but as mentioned before I enjoy sampling all perfumes, even if I don’t like them. A good dupe for Sundance is Narcisse by Chloe though if you like it too but won’t be paying that much! !

Skin Lightening creams- I’m not sure about the general concept of these (I don’t particularly want to be whiter!) but it’s a new product for me to try nonetheless, I remember when the BB cream whispers started in the western world thinking it sounded like the strangest thing- but look at the popularity now.

Hair Oil- This sample is in really stupid packaging, it’s a solid product in a solid, thin container- duh! I will have to heat it to get the product out which is a bit thoughtless of them. This happened before with a body butter- I had to slice the bottle in half to get it out. Annoying!

Overall- After 3 Boudoir Prive boxes I feel like this delivers niche, interesting brands you wouldn't find yourself so it fulfills my personal objective of experimenting with new products, it doesn't really deliver show stopping famous brands ie full size NARS products.

So which box stays and which box goes? I'm at a total loss here, help me decide ladies!

What would you do?