Wednesday, 19 October 2011

YSL Gel Liner review

These are the most expensive gel liners I've come across recently but are they worth the price tag? I'm not really sure but here are my thoughts!


Can't fault it, they do look top notch


It's between a cream and a gel so not really comparible to fluidlines (gel) or the Bobbi Brown gel liners which are much creamier


Bronze Black is the shade I have and it is the most inappropriately named one: it is olive green! I haven't edited any of my photos so you can see the colour fairly true to life
swatches top: MAC tarnished kohl, mid: YSL bronze black, bottom: Stila mornay liner from GlossyBox

It does glide on easily as you would expect, I did not buy the accompanying brush as it was stupid money bu I did use the (brand new) tester and it was actually awkward to use, it's quite a fat brush.

Long wear

This is the downer, it certainly lasts no longer than Blacktrack. If it's humid, I've been running, crying or having a few glasses of bubbly (these were independent tests!) it barely makes it through the day

My eye started watering whilst I was trying to take these photos and you can see how it's practically off the waterline already!

I believe I had on: Clarins skin illusion foundation, Chanel in love blusher, c2000 concealer, HD brows, Stila Mornay eye liner smudged over lid, YSL liner around the rims, Diorshow mascara, MAC nymphette lipglass

I will enjoy using this as it's such a pretty colour but won't be purchasing any others in the range, especially the black one as their longevity on the eye is just not worth the price tag.

Did you pick up one of these new gel liners or were you tempted to?


  1. You look stunning. It's a shame this liner hasn't worked so well for you - I've luckily found it pretty good.

  2. pretty colour, but such a shame it doesnt last especially for the price! I do have a gel eyeliner, but its maybelline, which is suiting me atm, but always on the look out! Fab pics btw xxx

  3. @Nazia- thank you hun! Glad they're working for you as they are so pretty! X

    @DibDabs- thanks, no one usually compliments my photos! I haven't actually tried the maybelline one, maybe I should give it a go too x

  4. Thanks for the post Laura. I saw these today at the YSL counter at Debenhams, and loved the packaging...! Price tags are always a bit steep with their products though!

  5. @mariashahid- I know, we do pay a lot for pretty packaging! X

  6. I've been tempted to try this even tho I prefer liquid eyeliner with felt tip. Can't believe it's actually olive green! You look beautiful!!! xx


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