Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pan Down

This is what I think in my head when I finish a product, a mix of the phrases 'hitting pan' and 'man down' don't ask.... This is basically a September Empties post!

1. L'occitane ultra rich face cream
  I love this face cream and was about to hop over and re purchase... Then saw L'occitane has joined in with the cosmetic price hike and it is now £30. For 8 weeks usage? No thank you. I still love it though and it will be making a star appearance on the Christmas list

2. Gucci guilty edt
  My other half bought me this for our anniversary at the beginning of June, I like it a lot but being an EDT it is a bit 'light' for my taste. I've tried the new intense version and much prefer it... So Christmas list! In the meantime I'm onto Marc Jacobs Lola which is also a bit fresh smelling for me. If he made a lola intense or 'dirty lola' that would be right up my street

3.Toni&guy brunette blow dry spray 
Fantastic for creating volume if you have flat hair. It is exactly the same as umberto gianni backcomb in a bottle except it doesn't smell nice, just like hairspray. Also this one can has lasted me 2 years, using it at least once a week, if not every day in occasion!

 4. Batiste dark brown dry shampoo
I don't rate this at all, runs out quick as anything and still looks White on my hair. Also doesn't create volume.

5. Fat hair shampoo & conditioner
these were just ok. Nothing amazing about them, I've moved on

6. Blistex lip massage
  I had 32 lipbalms on my last count so I'm thrilled I've managed to use one up! This gives great results but if you're as grubby as me, the massage head gets clogged with lip dirt. Maybe it's just me... Ew.

7. 17 hide & chic concealer
  Another 'meh' product, I used it for touching up at work but it's not something I'd slap onto my panda eyes and expect it to cover them alone.

8. Scholl Rough Skin Remover
This is the only foot scrub I ever buy now, I just can't be without it

9. Soap & Glory Slim Wear
I might be gullible but I think this has actually worked... not a very glamorous subject but my cellulite is a lot less pronounced since I started using this 2 months ago. I'm giving it a month of using standard body butter and will see if it gets worse again

So there we are for installment One. At least I've finished one colour cosmetic though. I think I need to do these posts as I rarely write about things I don't like or staples in my routine, this way you get to see both! What are you getting through lately?


  1. I'm trying to finish every open item of haircare I own. Takes a lot longer than you'd think!I really like the scholl rough skin remover too

  2. Ha, I thought I'm the only one who owns one billion lip balms! LOL Haven't managed to finish one yet. Congrats on that! X

  3. @ gaelle- I can imagine! I've done that before and it took about a year, now I just have to finish it throw/give away all products before replacing them! X

    @ Chester- glad it's not just me! I don't even know how I accumulate so many x


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