Wednesday, 5 October 2011

MAC Rain of Flowers NOTD

This polish comes out tomorrow with MAC's autumn collections- I can't remember which one, this is a massive new collection day!

Rain of Flowers is seriously beautiful but apparently impossible to capture on camera, If I'm going to attempt a description then this is it:

A dark inky aubergine with deep set micro shimmer in blue and pink

I've heard it compared to OPI ink which is another of my favourite colours so I've done a comparitive swatch with Ink on the middle finger only

I don't think they are similar as to my eye Ink is a frosted navy whereas Rain of Flowers is a glossy almost black purple

The formula of Rain of flowers is a nightmare, I'm not gonna lie

Imagine painting your nails with an ink cartridge refill or better still: treacle.

It looks best with one thick coat but if you do that it will never dry. I usually try to do 2 thin coats as I would with a salon polish but 'thin' is not something Rain Of Flowers understands.

So I will warn you, it is a real pain- but it's so gorgeous you will still want it!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous colour :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Beautiful shade. Perfect for autumn/winter

  3. @Jude- thanks Hun, it is pretty :) xx
    @gaelle- thank you, I'm into the deep dark colours already despite the heat wave we've had! X

  4. Stunning shade! I'm starting to dig out all my darker nail polishes now and this would be perfect x

  5. @emma- Thanks, nails Inc victoria is another autumn/winter fave of mine x

  6. Ooh that looks pretty. I skipped it though, because I'm a broke bum right now! Saying that, I still managed to get Immortal


  7. @Nazia- Would love to see swatches of immortal gold! I'm doing a review of the ysl creme liner next week, I'm a bit peeved it won't stay in my inner corners and smudges down! X

  8. It is so beautiful - not sure if I could cope with the hassle of apication but it's certainly gorgeous to look at! Am tempted...! x

  9. Hey Laura!

    I will do my best to get swatches up ASAP - my nails are in a bit of a state at the moment!

    It's such a shame about the eyeliner though. I have to admit I only use pencil eyeliner (MAC Feline - love it) in my inner corners and waterline so I haven't had the same problem. I wore Jade Black yesterday and it looked great, thankfully!

  10. @Glitterish allsort- Thanks, I'm not even sure it's worth the hassle sometimes but still end up going back to it x

    @Nazia- look forward to it! I so should have got Feline but ran out of money this month, didn't manage to get anything from the mac collections! Xx

  11. This looks gorgeous!! So excited to dig out all my darker nail varnishes for the winter :)

  12. @Aimz- thank you hunni, it is a stunner, I've just had a little OPI haul of lovely deep-dark colours that I'll have to share soon! xx


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