Sunday, 9 October 2011

Diorshow mascara review

A Mascara Love Story!

Diorshow was my first mascara, and like all first loves; I never imagined how there could be another mascara.

However, times changed and once I had a full time job and a house to look after, there were bigger priorities than Diorshow. I could only afford to buy it about once a year so a dalliance with cheaper (MAC, L’Oreal) mascaras began.

Somehow down this road new and flashy mascaras also caught my eye like YSL Faux Cils, Chanel Inimatable & Benefit Bad Gal and I wondered if I would ever be faithful to Diorshow again.

Nothing like adding a bit of drama to proceedings! ;-)

5 or so years on I thought I’d go ‘back to perfection’ as I thought in my head, I’d held Diorshow up on a pedestal as some kind of pinnicle of mascaras for a looong time.

Now, this is where the romance stops- either my tastes and/or standards have changed, or Diorshow has changed.

First off 090 is supposed to be BLACK. Does this look black to you?

Also I have massive problems with application, I know I used to layer mascara on in one continuous coat when I was 18, I certainly don’t do this now usually but it’s the only way with Diorshow. 

It dries instantaneously and if you go back for a second coat you will end up with wobbly-bobbly lashes. One coat doesn’t feel like enough, it’s a no win situation.


I despair. I do still love the feathery look but it’s just not wowing me.
Diorshow I really wanted to love you but it just ain’t working. Also I already have a roving eye settled onto YSL Volume Shocking...

Have you ever gone back to a favourite product and thought maybe it's not all that after all??


  1. Ahhh mascara! I hate that what looks amazing on others, is a complete flop for you! Really frustrates me.

    You have gorgeous eyelashes though and I think Diorshow looks great tbh.

    I don't often get high end mascaras anymore, as I feel so disappointed when they start to clump really early on (I'm looking at you, YSL Faux Cils!) and don't even perform that much better than ones from the chemist.

    My fave high end mascaras are Diorshow Blackout, Lancome Hypnose Drama and MUFE Smoky Lash. Like you I love big lashes!

    Mouldyfruit has a great review on the YSL Shocking Mascara...I have to admit I'm tempted!

    Sorry for such a long comment! I have lot to say when it comes to mascara, lol.

  2. Hi nazia! Thanks for mentioning the review from Mouldy Fruit- that has made my mind up for me! I'll have to try smokey lash as well one of these days xx

  3. Ohmygosh, you have gorgeous eyes and eyebrows - sorry, it had to be said! :) Too bad you didn't like this mascara - I haven't tried it out yet, but I've been wanting to buy it for ages!

  4. @Summer- oh thank you! It's not a terrible mascara it's just not to my personal taste anymore, I'm still using it! X

  5. Diorshow is definitely not worth the money...I tried a sample and quite liked it, but when I found out the price tag decided against buying. It does look amazing though on you. My fave is still Lancome's Hypnose Drama for good volume and definition.

  6. @mariashahid- oh I've never tried that but it's been rec'd to me a lot, maybe I should give it a go xx

  7. too bad you dont love it anymore! i havent tried this mascara, but i have heard so many mixed reviews. i want to try out the ysl shocking mascara too :)

  8. @kellyyes- Ive heard lots of good &bad reviews too, but literally cannot wait to get onto ysl shocking! X


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