Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Summary

This month has been consumed with only 2 things:

Moving house
Being unwell

Depressing but that's the facts.

That's l-r: some of the boxes in the new bedroom, me holding an ice pack on my face whilst my other half has collapsed with exhaustion next to me! and our hands, I suppose we're in this together!

My hospital wristbands from when I was admitted to A&E a couple of weeks ago and had stay overnight in hospital for the first time since I was 7 years old!

I am having surgery on Wednesday this week to remove two fat abscesses from my jaw and 8 teeth in the process. A beauty blogger with no teeth- hilarious. That was sarcastic but I am terrified and relieved in equal measure.

In the meantime I'm taking the opportunity to scoff as much as possible whilst I can still chew. I can't drink wine at the moment because it's not compatible with the current batch of anti-biotics I've been prescribed but this photo was from earlier in the month where I had a small window of being able to!

So October has kind of sucked to be honest, at least I'll be off work recovering for a week or so, so I'll have lots of time for blogging although there will be no FOTD'S as I will look like I've been beaten up

Hope you're all having a better one!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Idyllic FOTD & Chanel dupe

Here's a quick FOTD featuring the MAC paint pot I picked up from the Posh Paradise collection, I actually wanted nubile, the peach coloured one but it had sold out.

However when I saw Idyllic I realised it was quite a good dupe for the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Ebloui so I went for that one

swatches far right: Chanel Ebloui top, MAC Idyllic underneath

Idyllic is a burnished burgundy, it's a little duller than the Chanel shadow as you can see in the swatches above but I won't be purchasing the Illusion d'Ombre now I have this paint pot as I do think they're similar enough in colour.

Clarins skin Illusion, benefit erase paste, MAC pearl cream colour base, MAC tea petal creme blush, 

MAC idyllic paint pot, MAC midnight madness eyeshadow duo (gold & charcoal) MAC raven kohl, Diorshow mascara, liquid liner that came in Boudoir Prive box yesterday

MAC gaga2 lipstick, Barry M toffee lipgloss

Did you get anything from the October MAC collections? 

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

YSL Gel Liner review

These are the most expensive gel liners I've come across recently but are they worth the price tag? I'm not really sure but here are my thoughts!


Can't fault it, they do look top notch


It's between a cream and a gel so not really comparible to fluidlines (gel) or the Bobbi Brown gel liners which are much creamier


Bronze Black is the shade I have and it is the most inappropriately named one: it is olive green! I haven't edited any of my photos so you can see the colour fairly true to life
swatches top: MAC tarnished kohl, mid: YSL bronze black, bottom: Stila mornay liner from GlossyBox

It does glide on easily as you would expect, I did not buy the accompanying brush as it was stupid money bu I did use the (brand new) tester and it was actually awkward to use, it's quite a fat brush.

Long wear

This is the downer, it certainly lasts no longer than Blacktrack. If it's humid, I've been running, crying or having a few glasses of bubbly (these were independent tests!) it barely makes it through the day

My eye started watering whilst I was trying to take these photos and you can see how it's practically off the waterline already!

I believe I had on: Clarins skin illusion foundation, Chanel in love blusher, c2000 concealer, HD brows, Stila Mornay eye liner smudged over lid, YSL liner around the rims, Diorshow mascara, MAC nymphette lipglass

I will enjoy using this as it's such a pretty colour but won't be purchasing any others in the range, especially the black one as their longevity on the eye is just not worth the price tag.

Did you pick up one of these new gel liners or were you tempted to?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tell me about yourself tag

I was tagged by Lauren at Pixi Lili to do this Tell me about yourself award, how nice of her!

The rules
-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
- Write 7 random things about yourself
- Spread the love to 15 other bloggers
So Thank you Lauren, and here are 7 things about me!

1. I'm in love! We've been together 18 months and live together

Some love related photos I took!
2.  I have 6 siblings, the oldest after me is 22 and the youngest are  
1 year old twin babies!
3. I have two tattoos, one of stars in my shoulder blade (ah the  
follies of youth) and one of a rabbit
4. I'm anaphylacticly allergic to eggs and nuts. Eggs is harder to  
avoid eating by a long way but nuts hive me grief with skincare and  
hair products- nut oil fashion please go away!
My Morroccan cook book from Lakeland

5. Despite this I love cooking and have recently been into Moroccan  
food and making many tagines. I love watching food related tv  
programmes and Reading food magazines & blogs too
6. I'm a worry-wort, my boyfriend has banned me watching programmes  
about hospitals and illnesses as I always start convincing myself that  
I have them! Also I tend to imagine he's going to get ran over,  
murdered or abducted by the mafia whenever he leaves the house.  
Me and my ted, Tin Tin
 7. I like hula hooping. I learned at a festival on my 21st birthday  
and have kept it up privately ever since. I can't do any tricks but I  
can keep it spinning for about 15 minutes straight which is probably  
only impressive to myself!
I find it quite thereputic and contrary to what you might think, the  
smaller the hoop, the harder it is to do!

So those are my 7 things about me, hope you enjoyed :)

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If I've forgotten about you and you want to be tagged just let me know!

Hope you're all having a great week!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Diorshow mascara review

A Mascara Love Story!

Diorshow was my first mascara, and like all first loves; I never imagined how there could be another mascara.

However, times changed and once I had a full time job and a house to look after, there were bigger priorities than Diorshow. I could only afford to buy it about once a year so a dalliance with cheaper (MAC, L’Oreal) mascaras began.

Somehow down this road new and flashy mascaras also caught my eye like YSL Faux Cils, Chanel Inimatable & Benefit Bad Gal and I wondered if I would ever be faithful to Diorshow again.

Nothing like adding a bit of drama to proceedings! ;-)

5 or so years on I thought I’d go ‘back to perfection’ as I thought in my head, I’d held Diorshow up on a pedestal as some kind of pinnicle of mascaras for a looong time.

Now, this is where the romance stops- either my tastes and/or standards have changed, or Diorshow has changed.

First off 090 is supposed to be BLACK. Does this look black to you?

Also I have massive problems with application, I know I used to layer mascara on in one continuous coat when I was 18, I certainly don’t do this now usually but it’s the only way with Diorshow. 

It dries instantaneously and if you go back for a second coat you will end up with wobbly-bobbly lashes. One coat doesn’t feel like enough, it’s a no win situation.


I despair. I do still love the feathery look but it’s just not wowing me.
Diorshow I really wanted to love you but it just ain’t working. Also I already have a roving eye settled onto YSL Volume Shocking...

Have you ever gone back to a favourite product and thought maybe it's not all that after all??

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

MAC Rain of Flowers NOTD

This polish comes out tomorrow with MAC's autumn collections- I can't remember which one, this is a massive new collection day!

Rain of Flowers is seriously beautiful but apparently impossible to capture on camera, If I'm going to attempt a description then this is it:

A dark inky aubergine with deep set micro shimmer in blue and pink

I've heard it compared to OPI ink which is another of my favourite colours so I've done a comparitive swatch with Ink on the middle finger only

I don't think they are similar as to my eye Ink is a frosted navy whereas Rain of Flowers is a glossy almost black purple

The formula of Rain of flowers is a nightmare, I'm not gonna lie

Imagine painting your nails with an ink cartridge refill or better still: treacle.

It looks best with one thick coat but if you do that it will never dry. I usually try to do 2 thin coats as I would with a salon polish but 'thin' is not something Rain Of Flowers understands.

So I will warn you, it is a real pain- but it's so gorgeous you will still want it!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pan Down

This is what I think in my head when I finish a product, a mix of the phrases 'hitting pan' and 'man down' don't ask.... This is basically a September Empties post!

1. L'occitane ultra rich face cream
  I love this face cream and was about to hop over and re purchase... Then saw L'occitane has joined in with the cosmetic price hike and it is now £30. For 8 weeks usage? No thank you. I still love it though and it will be making a star appearance on the Christmas list

2. Gucci guilty edt
  My other half bought me this for our anniversary at the beginning of June, I like it a lot but being an EDT it is a bit 'light' for my taste. I've tried the new intense version and much prefer it... So Christmas list! In the meantime I'm onto Marc Jacobs Lola which is also a bit fresh smelling for me. If he made a lola intense or 'dirty lola' that would be right up my street

3.Toni&guy brunette blow dry spray 
Fantastic for creating volume if you have flat hair. It is exactly the same as umberto gianni backcomb in a bottle except it doesn't smell nice, just like hairspray. Also this one can has lasted me 2 years, using it at least once a week, if not every day in occasion!

 4. Batiste dark brown dry shampoo
I don't rate this at all, runs out quick as anything and still looks White on my hair. Also doesn't create volume.

5. Fat hair shampoo & conditioner
these were just ok. Nothing amazing about them, I've moved on

6. Blistex lip massage
  I had 32 lipbalms on my last count so I'm thrilled I've managed to use one up! This gives great results but if you're as grubby as me, the massage head gets clogged with lip dirt. Maybe it's just me... Ew.

7. 17 hide & chic concealer
  Another 'meh' product, I used it for touching up at work but it's not something I'd slap onto my panda eyes and expect it to cover them alone.

8. Scholl Rough Skin Remover
This is the only foot scrub I ever buy now, I just can't be without it

9. Soap & Glory Slim Wear
I might be gullible but I think this has actually worked... not a very glamorous subject but my cellulite is a lot less pronounced since I started using this 2 months ago. I'm giving it a month of using standard body butter and will see if it gets worse again

So there we are for installment One. At least I've finished one colour cosmetic though. I think I need to do these posts as I rarely write about things I don't like or staples in my routine, this way you get to see both! What are you getting through lately?