Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Summary

I don't normally do a Sunday Summary as I'm not that good at photography but since I do take a lot of photos I thought I might as well, plus I have sooo many posts I need to get up but general disorganisation is stopping me!

Any this is an end-of-September summary!


Tea in Starbucks

I have returned to drinking green tea, albeit as well as coffee rather than instead of, which would have been much healthier. Also developed a liking for yogurt with honey..nom


Baby Gunmetal nails

You know I love Zoya nail polish so I was mega happy to get a baby one in my Boudoir Prive box. Also the nails got chopped again and I love how they look like little tiny bullets in this shade!


Back to the dark side

I had dyed my hair very light brown for the past few months, but since Autumn is coming in (and I got bored) I dyed it back to dark auburny brown, this photo was taken this morning and I'm also liking blankety lipstick again :)


Autumn Boots

My amazing boyfriend bought me these Marc Jacobs boots- bless his madness! They are troublesome to tie up but they look awesome on


Last day of Summer

This little bee was trying to convince me it is still Summer. What a little liar I mean star

Posts I am in progress with:

Review: mac pro longwear eyeshadow
September favourites
Pan Down (September empties)
Tag (7 things about me)

So watch this space....


  1. The dark hair really suits you! And the boy did good with those boots!

  2. @The make up fairy- hehe thanks gaelle! :) x

  3. You look lovely and those boots are gorgeous! I can't wear heels (darn legs/ankles!) so I'm super jealous of people who can!

  4. @nazia- thank you! I usually can't get boots on because my calves are too big but thankfully these are ok! Xx


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