Friday, 16 September 2011

The Long and Short of it

Another nail post... I know...

Thought I'd share my un-published NOTD's as I grew my nails really long and then cut them off

Top left: Essie little brown dress, matte topcoat, glossy tips.

I would grow my nails again just to wear this but I can only maintain it until I wash my hair. my conditioner somehow penetrates the nails and takes the matte away!
Little brown dress looks black unless you are actually wearing black

Top right: Revlon facets of fuchsia
Sooo gorgeous but needs 3 thin coats

Bottom left: OPI tease-y does it
One of my favourite colours ever, it’s a stunner, a beauty, a dazzling beacon of perfection... I’ll stop now but, yeah- I really like it!

Bottom right: Revlon Smokey Canvas
This was, quite clearly, the straw that broke the back of the long nails. HORRIBLE! Never mind the chipping; this polish just doesn’t suit my skin tone at all. Eeewww

So off with the nails!

Top left: OPI skull & glossbones
I LOVE my nails like this, when I see this I never want to grow them again

Top right: 17 mint choc chip
Misleading photo as I’m holding the dark purple Ciate number that came free with Marie Claire I while ago. The pale turquoise is one of my top summer colours

Bottom Left: Essie topless & barefoot
Classic pinkish nude: such a lovely polish. I’ve been wearing it this week and it feels very elegant!

Bottom Right: Zoya LC
This colour came out with 'the hills' inspired collection, Zoya will always be a superior brand to me personally because it's the brand I used when I trained as a manicurist. Zoya is great. And no, they don't sponser me or know that I'm talking about them at all- It's just my opinion :)

Do you wear your nails long or short?
Do you have certain colours you prefer on different lengths?


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  2. Great post! I think our definitions of long and short nails differ. My long is your short. And I actually like mine in the middle between my short nubbins and my long talons (as in your short). :-) x

  3. gorgeous gorgeous.
    skulls and glossbones one day *will* be mine
    love it so much!! xx

  4. The first four are SO this A/W season!!! Love it!!! X

  5. For me it will always be short nails - actually my nails won't grow much longer than your short ones anyway before they become soft and flakey so i have to keep them short to keep them in good condition! I've never been a fan of long nails anyway so i think that's a blessing in disguise :) xxShivvyxx

  6. @Chester & shivvy: lol I definitely prefer mine short too, although as you can see in the red photo they grow so fast they're almost long again now! X

    @liloo- skull & glossbones is a great colour, mine is from the pirates mini set x

    @mademoiselle lala- thanks! Very envious if your LFW coverage x

  7. Absolutely love what you did with essie little brown dress, with the matt and gloss tips. Genius! Loving the purples for autumn aswel.


  8. @lauren- thank you :) I got the idea off tumblr! Also thanks so much for tagging me in your 7 things post, I'll be sure to do it! X


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