Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Summary

I don't normally do a Sunday Summary as I'm not that good at photography but since I do take a lot of photos I thought I might as well, plus I have sooo many posts I need to get up but general disorganisation is stopping me!

Any this is an end-of-September summary!


Tea in Starbucks

I have returned to drinking green tea, albeit as well as coffee rather than instead of, which would have been much healthier. Also developed a liking for yogurt with honey..nom


Baby Gunmetal nails

You know I love Zoya nail polish so I was mega happy to get a baby one in my Boudoir Prive box. Also the nails got chopped again and I love how they look like little tiny bullets in this shade!


Back to the dark side

I had dyed my hair very light brown for the past few months, but since Autumn is coming in (and I got bored) I dyed it back to dark auburny brown, this photo was taken this morning and I'm also liking blankety lipstick again :)


Autumn Boots

My amazing boyfriend bought me these Marc Jacobs boots- bless his madness! They are troublesome to tie up but they look awesome on


Last day of Summer

This little bee was trying to convince me it is still Summer. What a little liar I mean star

Posts I am in progress with:

Review: mac pro longwear eyeshadow
September favourites
Pan Down (September empties)
Tag (7 things about me)

So watch this space....

Friday, 16 September 2011

The Long and Short of it

Another nail post... I know...

Thought I'd share my un-published NOTD's as I grew my nails really long and then cut them off

Top left: Essie little brown dress, matte topcoat, glossy tips.

I would grow my nails again just to wear this but I can only maintain it until I wash my hair. my conditioner somehow penetrates the nails and takes the matte away!
Little brown dress looks black unless you are actually wearing black

Top right: Revlon facets of fuchsia
Sooo gorgeous but needs 3 thin coats

Bottom left: OPI tease-y does it
One of my favourite colours ever, it’s a stunner, a beauty, a dazzling beacon of perfection... I’ll stop now but, yeah- I really like it!

Bottom right: Revlon Smokey Canvas
This was, quite clearly, the straw that broke the back of the long nails. HORRIBLE! Never mind the chipping; this polish just doesn’t suit my skin tone at all. Eeewww

So off with the nails!

Top left: OPI skull & glossbones
I LOVE my nails like this, when I see this I never want to grow them again

Top right: 17 mint choc chip
Misleading photo as I’m holding the dark purple Ciate number that came free with Marie Claire I while ago. The pale turquoise is one of my top summer colours

Bottom Left: Essie topless & barefoot
Classic pinkish nude: such a lovely polish. I’ve been wearing it this week and it feels very elegant!

Bottom Right: Zoya LC
This colour came out with 'the hills' inspired collection, Zoya will always be a superior brand to me personally because it's the brand I used when I trained as a manicurist. Zoya is great. And no, they don't sponser me or know that I'm talking about them at all- It's just my opinion :)

Do you wear your nails long or short?
Do you have certain colours you prefer on different lengths?

Monday, 12 September 2011

Revlon Smokey Canvas

I picked up 3 of the new Revlon polishes whilst they were in offer last month so thought I'd show you some comparison swatches for Smokey Canvas since I've heard a lot of opinions about potential dupes for this...

THUMB- smokey canvas (revlon)
INDEX- desert haze (elf)
MIDI- chinchilly (essie)
RING- pelican gray (china glaze)
PINKY- skull & glossbones (opi)

Desert Haze from ELF is the closest dupe and it's also the cheapest.

The colour is warmer so it depends which suits your skin tone best- I don't think smokey canvas suits me at all but I do like desert haze

Skull & glossbones is much lighter but similar in hue

Pelican gray is nothing like smokey canvas- it is a blue toned grey with White micro glitter

Chinchilly is a lot darker, it actually looks uncharacteristically deep next to the other colours!

Smokey canvas is pretty much a one coat wonder. Two coats and it starts to ripple a little if you're not careful.

The 3 polishes I got in August are the first Revlon polishes I've tried, and from what I've seen so far they are true retail polishes (shiny, quick-dry, no need for base/top coats, one coat only)

I was thinking about doing a post on the differences between salon polishes and retail polishes, do you think that will be boring??

Do you like taupe-grey nail colours for Autumn?

Monday, 5 September 2011

I like Toast the most

It was inevitable I'd have to feature the Sleek au naturel palette sooner rather than later so I'm doing a FOTD,

well, face of yesterday- I don't have time to photograph myself on Monday mornings!

As you might have guessed from the title, my favourite shade in the palette is toast. Mmm toast.. nom...

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation 30, Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, MAC golden nectar highlight powder, famous by sue moxley shimmer brick

MAC coral crepe paint pot, Sleek au naturel: nougat, toast, bark & conker, MAC avenue fluidline, Diorshow mascara & Daniel sandler baby jet

MAC viva glam gaga2 lipstick

I like using coral crepe paint pot as a base to add an autumnal warmth to the whole look, or I've also used warm & cozy shadestick with the same colours to get some pretty copper sparkle peeking through. Lovely

Also thought I'd show you my rabbit t-shirt whilst I was at the photography

What's your favourite colour in the Sleek Au Naturel palette?