Thursday, 11 August 2011

Concealer Questing

I have had serious trials and tribulations with concealers of late so I thought I’d tell the tale...

My concealing routine and requirements used to be pretty simple- MAC studio finish SPF 15 concealer in a pot (NW25 but NW20 pictured)

Then I started getting frustrated with the creasing under the eye and went in for MAC pro longwear concealer in the same colour, hoping that would solve the creasing problem.

It did, but the shade wasn’t the same as in the studio finish (it was a lot darker and seemed to oxidise on the skin and get darker still as the day went on) so by the time my skin was tanned enough for the concealer, it ran out.

Therein lie my problems with pro longwear- the application is total pain in the bum, too much comes out or nothing does, it lasts just a couple of months and I feel like a lot of the product was wasted.

Also you have to layer the concealer on to get the kind of coverage I need under the eyes, a far cry from simply swiping on studio finish.

I’d heard great things about Benefit concealers and I thought getting the ‘confessions of a concealaholic’ set was better value and made more sense than trying to choose between Boi-ing and erase paste.

A few points about this set from me:

I love ‘that gal’ as a primer. it gives long lasting radiance that holds your foundation on, unlike Clarins Beauty Flash balm which gives a far more stunning glow but causes my foundation to slide off after a few hours

I hate ‘lemon aid’. It doesn’t correct the discolouration on my eyelids, it just casts a white layer over them and more importantly it doesn’t work as an eyeshadow primer at all on me, my eyeshadow creased and actually separated in the crease so I was really not impressed with the oily mess on my eyelids

I don’t love
eye bright in pot form, I prefer the stick product as it’s easier to use

Then came a bigger problem, developing a deeper tan.

This rendered all 3 concealer shades useless to me. You get shade 2 of erase paste and 1 & 2 of boi-ing so I thought that would suffice for NW30 skin, sadly not. The erase paste creased under my eyes quite badly but the bigger issue is that it turned that area grey, as did shade 2 of boi-ing.

I am really hoping that come winter time I will pick this up again and be amazed though

Finally I turned to Twitter and asked you guys to recommend me a cheap concealer so I could match my tan but not spend a fortune (the back-up plan was to get Estee Lauder Doublewear as I know that works and has more than 2 shades)

You were pretty unanimous in your vote for collection 2000 lasting perfection, and i got the shade 4 ‘deep’ which has been perfect, I got shade 3 'medium' as well to mix as I get less tanned

I confirm it rivals EL Doublewear concealer for less than £5

My reasons for rejecting all the other concealers in the group photo are summed up in one word each:

Bobbi brown corrector and creamy concealer- too fiddly

Ruby & Millie concealer duo- too slimy

Maybe I'm a bit fussy...?

What concealer are you using and would you recommend it?


  1. that MAC base looks amazing!
    I want to try that

  2. Witch Concealer wins hands down. I've had similar problems, it's the only one I like. x

  3. @thula- pro longwear is a great concealer if you can get past the annoying packaging

    @Sophie- is that the hide & clear one? I might check it out for blemish cover x

  4. I don't think it's being fussy to want a product that delivers. It is what you pay for! I really like the pro longwear one and have almost perfected getting the right amount out! Just bought the collection 2000 one and waiting to be less tanned to try it

  5. @the make-up fairy- love the results of pro longwear so may get two shades and mix them together in future, I read a tip about decanting it yesterday so tempted to go back to it! The c2000 has impressed me though x

  6. Oh I was thinking of trying EL DW but won't bother if no better than Collection 2000 which I already have.
    Nic x

  7. @ strawberry blonde- I think they're the same coverage, EL DW mght last a tiny bit longer but also it is quite powdery which the c2000 is not, I prefer the cheapo one myself! X


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