Sunday, 28 August 2011

Work Appropriate make up

Bit of an un-festive post as it's a bank holiday here in the UK and I'm talking about work but there we are!

This is all about striking a balance between speed in morning application and long wear throughout the day, as well as giving a polished and conservative look (within reason)

So no mean feat!

These are my go-to products of the moment


Rimmel 25 hour foundation is still the winner here for long wear, although the colour is too dark for me now that we haven’t had any Sun for about 14 days, so I have to mix it with my Bourjois healthy mix in 54. I bought this way back at the beginning of Spring so it’s still too light, but mixed with the Rimmel it’s fine. I’m getting totally off topic now and digressing into a post about foundation mixology so I’ll leave that for another day!

I use whatever primer I grab out of the drawer first, usually the L’oreal studio secrets one as it holds the foundation the longest I think

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer is a must, although I do usually have to reapply it at lunch time (7 hours later)

I think this is more to do with the air-con in our office than the concealer: it sucks all the moisture out of my skin and make my dark circles grow blacker by the hour, so the concealer has to be topped up. This doesn’t happen at the weekend, so yeah, I blame my work :)


Just for convenience I use the little Estee Lauder palette which was free with purchase in June. It’s so handy for travelling and the products are great. It has bronze/contour colour, highlighter and blush, also it has a mirror. Happy days.


For speed and long wear (starting to hate that phrase), it’s all about the paint pot. Bare Study was my go-to, everyday eye base but that’s used up now so at the moment I’m stuck with ‘vintage selection’ which is a bit frosty but still does the job. My new Chanel illusion D’ombre is also beautiful for this purpose but more time consuming to apply as it’s not opaque in one swipe like a paint pot is.

If I can be bothered I’ll probably add a bit of NYX suede, urban decay Buck or one of Sleek Au natural shadows into the crease for definition.

I don’t look awake at 6am without eyeliner and for speed, reach for L’oreal Superliner. The applicator is so fool proof I can do it on the bus and it is an intense black shade. Also it lasts aaaaages. Again, if I can be bothered I’ll put a shimmery brown on the waterline such as UD bourbon or MAC lord it up but I usually don’t have time.

I use Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil most of the time as it’s faster to apply than powder and obviously has a brush on the lid. I forget the proper name for this because mine is a stub of a pencil, I’ve repurchased it about 5 times though

I don’t care how “stripper” my colleagues think it looks- I need massive eyelashes at all times so I use my normal mascara.


I like a deep neutral for work as creamy nude or pastel pink can look way too high school for the boardroom. My too favourites recently are NARS mindgame and MAC kissable lip colour in Super.

I like these not only for the colours, but also because they are both moisturising and you don’t have to look in the mirror to apply them.

It might sound like I do all my make up on the bus, and though that does happen I don’t actually advocate doing this!

Drivers start to delay moving off from stops in case you poke yourself in the eye.

Other women stare at you either with pity that you’re obviously a disorganised slattern that can’t put herself together before she leaves the house, or laugh at you for the same reason. (Can’t blame them)

Once a builder was sitting next to me on a coach when I used to commute 90 minutes to my job, at the end of my transformation he said

“whatever that stuff is, I bet it costs a LOT of money”

Some things are just better off done in private....

Do you have a dress code for work or just wear whatever you feel like- turquoise liner and all?

Hope you're all having a great 3 day weekend in the UK!


  1. I'm the same, Laura. As much as I dislike the boring office-appropriate colors I praise them for their flexibility. I can apply office-friendly makeup in 10 minutes max which is just not feasible with colored stuff. Gotta love the extra minutes in the morning.

    Chester :-)

  2. I think that's a great selection. Thank you for that!Trying to track down that Rimmel pencil in Superdrug but they never have my shade

  3. Ahahaha :D I love the little anecdotes at the end!

    Perfect work make up is always minimal and the opposite of dramatic, unless you work at a MAC counter or in a drag queen bar. I've been to both - quite and experience with the latter. And MAC girls in Selfridges wear too much foundation/powder to my likening. ;)

    Yep - my skirt has buttons on the back! How cute that both of us have the same one?!?! :) X

  4. @Chester- totally! I'm always amazed how I can spend 45 minutes doing colourful make-up at the weekend! X

    @the make-up fairy- Thank you, I'm going to upgrade to the givenchy eyebrow pencil soon but the rimmel will always be my choice for travelling with. I think boots seem to have the bigger shade selection x

    @ mademoiselle lala- Thanks :) haha that's so true, they do look like they're about the hit the stage at Mac! That's so cool we have the same skirt, I don't look as good as you wearing it though! X


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