Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation

25 hour foundation wear?
Bold claim indeed, huh?
Let's see how it measures up!

I've been using this foundation for work mainly for the past 3 weeks so I think I can pass judgement on it now,

I have dry skin so my review is from that perspective, although if you have oily skin you can read Shivvy's review and comparison to Revlon colourstay foundation *here*
Shade range

The colour range in my local store (city centre!) is compiled of just 4 shades, the one I had to go for was the darkest as the next shade down was really White against my skin!

Although shade 4 seems too warm toned for me, I was mixing it with Bourjois healthy mix 54 to lighten it up a bit but I'm too tan for that now really.


I like the bottle and the packaging seems appropriate for a £6 foundation
I used the elf powder brush today and will probably continue with that now I've tried it, I was using a traditional foundation brush and have also used a sponge with it but the powder brush seems to have given the smoothest finish


On me it has a waxy texture and medium coverage, it sustains its 'shine' throughout the day so I suppose it has a dewy finish on me.

ignore Quasimodo in the before photo- let's look at the slightly redeeming finished face!


It certainly lasts 8 hours well, after about 12-15 hours I can start to see flaking and it fades unevenly. Like, I can still see my blusher colour on my cheeks but I can see the skin underneath it?

I don't know if my face absorbs the foundation or if it rubs off but it still looks better than nothing from a distance anyway

After 25 hours there are traces of it present which you can see on a remover wipe but I wouldn't call that 25 hour foundation- the name implies it looks good after 25 hours which it does not!

To be honest if I'm awake after 25 hours then I guarantee there would have been sweating and or partying involved so not the ideal testing ground.

What normal circumstances would you require 25 hours of foundation wear anyway? ;)


  1. I thought it was too good to be true! I was thin king of buying this..but it doesn't take you from dawn to dusk! Forget it...the search continues.x

  2. Thanks for the link :) xxShivvyxx

  3. That's a great review. It does look good on you

  4. Great review, I personally love this foundation, even though the 25 hours is a bit exagerated it does stay put on my skin all day.. and really rydrates my skin also matches like a dream! And for under a fiver I have no complains! :D xx

  5. @vodkaandroses- thanks for the comment :) it does outlast a lot of high street foundations but it's no DoubleWear x

    @shivvy- no problem :) x

    @the make up fairy- thank you! X

    @Nicola-x - thanks, I know you can't complain for the price at all, I like that it doesn't dry out the skin too x

  6. I wish I'd get perfume!!! :( Both SYRUPS will go to my mum. Already decided. ;) Seriously not impressed with the products I receive. I feel like 40+ lady. ;) X


  7. I forgot to add: last month one of the products was spilled (Serum). I e-mailed the customer services and after attaching photo to an e-mail they sent me another one within few days with a personalized handwritten apology card (check my blog). Redeemed themselves a little bit in my eyes.

    So contact them and attach photos. X



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