Friday, 15 July 2011

Clarins Crystal Balm for Summer 2011

I'd been looking forward to the launch of these since May this year when I first saw them in a magazine and it is finally mine...

I went for crystal red, which is actually a very sheer berry pink. It smells and tastes exactly like giant strawberry sweets- cue ridiculous excuse for moi to get about a kilo of said sweets for photo opportunity!

The range is also available with an orange and a clear balm, I didn't smell them so I don't know if they all smell the same?If the orange had a peach scent I would definitely be tempted as it was a lovely shade as well but I don't fancy an orange scented lip product really...

I can't see this lasting a long time to be honest, you can see how battered mine is after 1 week, I tried to clean it up for the photos too!

A good point about this product is it does have the longevity of a lipstick and a slight staining ability. It gives that just bitten, or been eating raspberries flush but it does have the sheen of a lipbalm.

So here's what inevitably happened to those sweets!

What tinted lipbalms would you recommend for this summer?


  1. I really like the ELF tinted lip balms but was very disappointed with Clinique's chubby sticks. This looks fab though!

  2. Love these, have the red and orange! Got mine in 2010 though, I think clarins relaunched them this year with flavours!


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