Saturday, 25 June 2011

The value of June Glossy Box

I’m sure most of you have looked up these items yourself but I thought I’d throw this in amongst all the

“Oh, it’s not Nars this time. How Rubbish”

hype I’ve seen about this month’s box.

Firstly I will say that I am badly disappointed that my BioEffect serum was smashed like many other customers' was.

Also announcing a price increase amidst a twitter storm about a can of Batiste was the worst PR move I've ever seen.

Margaret Dabbs Foot Oil= £16 per 100ml

OPI= 4 / £12.15= £3

Batiste= £1.50 average

BioEffect= £125 per 15ml/ £8.30 per ml!

Perle de Lalique £68 per 100ml

In some ways the Batiste mini is an inclusion I’m happy about, because otherwise I was just going to buy one for my festival bag next weekend, but part of me thinks that since they have a brand new batiste product out, that should have been the item we received, or a high end dry shampoo obviously.
Having said that, if you read the card explaining this box is about summer essentials, and batiste is an award winning product so I kind of see where they wre going with that... but it's still not exactly appropriate in my opinion.

The OPI polish isn’t very exciting to me personally because I can buy these full size at trade price (about £4) and I have loads of OPI as I’m sure most beauty obsessives do.

However not all Glossy Box customers have access or funding towards even slightly expensive products so this is a valid addition for them!

Margaret Dabbs (or Mama mio) and Bio effect are both pretty expensive brands, and as you can see from the value calculation, just these two products individually are getting you your £10 worth.

I was so excited to see how the BioEffect compared to Estee Lauder overnight renewal serum and I'm am sooo annoyed it was broken. Did they even think about the packaging?

I don't hate the Lalique perfume and as with the Bioeffect product, it’s not a brand most of us are that familiar with, so good to try out.

For me, subscribing to Glossy Box wasn’t for the purpose of getting loads of high end products for just £10- it was about trying new things and getting a lucky dip experience.

So I’m semi- happy with my first box,

How do you feel about your June box?


  1. I'm in a very similar way of thinking as you. Unfortunately the post I'm working on is epicly long but I feel it's important that although they've made some fails regarding this box and their moving of certain posts, some subscribers have no idea about how these boxes are probably created and are giving them a little bit too much of a hard time so need to think about their immediate back lash a little. One blogger expressed that hers wasn't tailored because there were only a couple of different variations. Glossy would never be able to compile a different box for each user because brands are paying to be involved so they'll only have a selection each month, would be far too confusing if they were speaking to hundreds of different brands at the same time, of course it was only ever going to be a few staples and a slight variation on some of the other products. Seems my epic post has spilled over to your comments section....sorry!

  2. @ to elle and back: No problem- the more views the better!
    I had to edit mine a lot to stop me rambling on, I'll be sure to read your post too x


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