Sunday, 26 June 2011

Golden Peach Eyes

I have been in a phase of just wearing peach and/or gold eyeshadow and mascara on my eyes since watching made in chelsea the past few weeks with it's beautifully bronzed, glossy cast.

So this is how I've done my make up for like, the past two weeks:

Chanel vitalumiere 30
MAC pro longwear concealer
MAC bronze stick thing from Surf Baby in gilty bronze
Sleek Pan Tao blush

MAC paint pot in coral crepe
Sleek bellini eyeshadow from paraguaya palette
Estee Lauder sumptuos extreme mascara
Clinique bottom lash mascara


Estee Lauder crystal lipstick Tiramisu

I've been rotating these eyeshadows mainly, with the coral crepe paint pot as base.
Sleek bellini, Sleek washed ashore (from monaco palette)UD half-baked

And since I've used orange blush mostly I've gone for a pink lip so it's not coral overload

namely, Tiramisu from Estee Lauder or Belle from Boots 17

Have you got a quick, summer make up style you've been sticking to recently?
Do you like the girls make-up on made in chelsea or can't you bear to watch it?!


  1. Love your makeup, you look very pretty :) xx

    P.S. Visit my blog for a giveaway :) x

  2. this might sound weird but i love your eyebrows!! xxx

  3. @ hannah- thanks hunni, you're giveaway prize is being dispatched shortly by the way! X

    @ shivvy lol thank you! I've been growing them out for ages x

  4. Love this look on you.. So feminine

  5. Great make-up! :)

    I also want to refer to your previous post on the GlossyBox. I also wrote about it yesterday and only what I can say is that you at least GOT this Serum and can use it. Mine was spilled all over the stuff inside the box and the bottle is empty. I am so not impressed. As for the products, I will only use nail polish. Such a disappointment. I give it only 3 more months... :( X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!

  6. @delyteful speaks- thanks hunni :) x
    @ mademoiselle la la- thanks, re glossy box, I couldn't use the serum at all as it was smashed too :( x

  7. Really subtle and lovely :)

  8. your eyes look really big and pretty :) , check out my blog
    thanks xx


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