Sunday, 12 June 2011

Girly Girls' Festival Guide part 3-Style

Welcome to the style section of my festival guide for girls

This is more about practicality than fashion advice, As you can see from my personal photos, I’m not going to win any fashion awards anytime soon so I’m just going to recommend what to, and not to pack in order to have a great time

Of course what clothes you choose to take totally depends on what type of festival you’re going to and what the vibe will be, folksy, rock, rave.. you should have an idea of what you’re going to!

The magazines are packed right now with inspiration for festival style too.

My main point is stick to your personal style and pack as lightly as possible, the queue to get in or the ferry queue if you’re going to IoW or Bestival is long and you don’t want a massive bag weighing you down all that time.

Practical packing

Yes, 4” high espadrille wedges look hot, but no, they are not practical for the following reasons:

1) They take up to much space

2) They will get very dirty

3) They might look a bit try-hard if everyone around you is in wellies or flip flops

Welcome to the festival packing way of thinking.

Items of clothing I don't recommend

Tights. Many festivals have hay bales and all of them have grass as far as I know! We all know grass/straw+tights= scarecrow look.
Designer, expensive or hand wash only clothing- everything will get dirty & sweaty I'm afraid to say
High Heels- in a field, it's not a good idea
Tutu skirt- I hope this look is over by now to be honest, but either way these take up LOADS of space in your bag. Just buy one at the site if you badly want to dress as a fairy.
Pajamas- people walking to the tiolets wearing a dressing gown in a field look really stupid, just wear a t-shirt and jogging bottoms/leggings

And essential clothing

Wellies + socks (never put wellies on barefoot, unless they are fleece or furry- lined it will cut your feet!!!)
Flip Flops or other comfortable flat sandals
Waterproof jacket
with hood
Warm jumper for nighttime
socks for sleeping in, you might have wet feet so you'll need clean, dry pairs for bed
Nude colour undies, goes with everything
casual shorts or skirt
Leggings good to wear at night if it is really cold, and also in the day in place of tights as leggings aren't as much of a grass magnet

Other than those items, it's up to your personal style.
I love playsuits, little floaty dresses and maxi skirts, others prefer jeans and demin cut offs with a tee.

I know this is an over-done post in the blogosphere, but please bear in mind that not everyone who reads blogs, reads Every beauty blog around. We have to cater to non-blogging readers too

I hope this has been an enjoyable series anyway


  1. I have never been to a festival, the idea of camping fills me with dread! Anyonw who camps is both brave and foolish!x

  2. @VodkaandRoses- haha you are probably right there, hun! I doesn't stop me though xx


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