Friday, 3 June 2011

Body Shop Honey & Oat 3in1 scrub mask

I can't believe I'm dedicating an entire post to a face mask but I feel too strongly about it to just add it into my May favourites! (which are overdue..)

I have dry skin but I have read other reviews from mainly oily and combinaion skin types who have also raved about this.

I've been using it as a wash, in place of my usual face wash after I've removed my make up, and I've been using it about 6 weeks now, pretty much daily and as a mask 3 times a week.

My skin has never looked nicer!

It might not be much to look at...

but I think it's awesome.

From a dry/sensitive skin perspective it does sort of sting

(I'm sure the technical term is tingle but if you have eczema you know what I mean)

My skin dislikes water a lot so I certainly wouldn't say this feels moisturising as you have to remove it with water. This leaves me running for the moisturiser immediately but the same thing happens every time I have a shower.

Having said that the morning after using this my skin is noticeably softer, flakes gone, and the blackheads around my nose (only part of my face capable of producing oil) are greatly reduced.

Some people don't like the smell -predominantly of shea butter I think, or the texture- it has oats in so it's appearance is coarse.

I do though and I would encourage anyone apart from the very sensitive to give it a try, it is only £8!

I wish the Body Shop would expand this range because I seriously love this product.

Have you tried any Body Shop skincare?


  1. Loved this review :) as I really do like the product a lot.

    However when I bought it I thought it was amazing and soon came to see that parts of my face are too oily for it. But then again it does state that it's for normal to dry skin so that is my fault!

    Though I just love the product so much and could see how great it could be on drier skintypes!
    Really glad you mentioned using it as a face wash as I didn't think to try that and maybe that won't leave my skin as hydrated!

    Fee x


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