Sunday, 26 June 2011

Golden Peach Eyes

I have been in a phase of just wearing peach and/or gold eyeshadow and mascara on my eyes since watching made in chelsea the past few weeks with it's beautifully bronzed, glossy cast.

So this is how I've done my make up for like, the past two weeks:

Chanel vitalumiere 30
MAC pro longwear concealer
MAC bronze stick thing from Surf Baby in gilty bronze
Sleek Pan Tao blush

MAC paint pot in coral crepe
Sleek bellini eyeshadow from paraguaya palette
Estee Lauder sumptuos extreme mascara
Clinique bottom lash mascara


Estee Lauder crystal lipstick Tiramisu

I've been rotating these eyeshadows mainly, with the coral crepe paint pot as base.
Sleek bellini, Sleek washed ashore (from monaco palette)UD half-baked

And since I've used orange blush mostly I've gone for a pink lip so it's not coral overload

namely, Tiramisu from Estee Lauder or Belle from Boots 17

Have you got a quick, summer make up style you've been sticking to recently?
Do you like the girls make-up on made in chelsea or can't you bear to watch it?!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

The value of June Glossy Box

I’m sure most of you have looked up these items yourself but I thought I’d throw this in amongst all the

“Oh, it’s not Nars this time. How Rubbish”

hype I’ve seen about this month’s box.

Firstly I will say that I am badly disappointed that my BioEffect serum was smashed like many other customers' was.

Also announcing a price increase amidst a twitter storm about a can of Batiste was the worst PR move I've ever seen.

Margaret Dabbs Foot Oil= £16 per 100ml

OPI= 4 / £12.15= £3

Batiste= £1.50 average

BioEffect= £125 per 15ml/ £8.30 per ml!

Perle de Lalique £68 per 100ml

In some ways the Batiste mini is an inclusion I’m happy about, because otherwise I was just going to buy one for my festival bag next weekend, but part of me thinks that since they have a brand new batiste product out, that should have been the item we received, or a high end dry shampoo obviously.
Having said that, if you read the card explaining this box is about summer essentials, and batiste is an award winning product so I kind of see where they wre going with that... but it's still not exactly appropriate in my opinion.

The OPI polish isn’t very exciting to me personally because I can buy these full size at trade price (about £4) and I have loads of OPI as I’m sure most beauty obsessives do.

However not all Glossy Box customers have access or funding towards even slightly expensive products so this is a valid addition for them!

Margaret Dabbs (or Mama mio) and Bio effect are both pretty expensive brands, and as you can see from the value calculation, just these two products individually are getting you your £10 worth.

I was so excited to see how the BioEffect compared to Estee Lauder overnight renewal serum and I'm am sooo annoyed it was broken. Did they even think about the packaging?

I don't hate the Lalique perfume and as with the Bioeffect product, it’s not a brand most of us are that familiar with, so good to try out.

For me, subscribing to Glossy Box wasn’t for the purpose of getting loads of high end products for just £10- it was about trying new things and getting a lucky dip experience.

So I’m semi- happy with my first box,

How do you feel about your June box?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

100 Follower Giveaway winner!

The Winner of the giveaway is.........


Well done Missy,
I'll be sending you an email shortly to find out where in the world I am sending the prize!!

Thanks to everyone who entered and tweeted about the giveaway

love to you all


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Estee Lauder Sumptious Extreme Mascara

I haven't done a mascara review for quite some time so I'm going to share my thoughts on Estee Lauder's latest offering.

Quite the packaging that would look lovely on your dressing table

I don't advocate doing your mascara on the bus, but I wouldn't exactly be embarrassed to whip this out!

The brush is massive, which is precisely the kind of mascara brush I love, and it's a bit pointed

I'm still learning how to photo edit so excuse the slightly amatuer pictures

This mascara applies like a dream, one heavy handed swipe and you can be done with it.
I really wouldn't recommend more than two coats because at that point it would start to clump

The all important before & after pictures -again, excuse the photo editing, I thought I was being clever but it does look like I have a weird caterpiller eyebrow running through the collage!

That's no mascara, 1 coat, 2 coats.
I curled my lashes becasue you wouldn't have been able to see them in the before photos otherwise

Basically I'm really happy with this mascara but as usual I fel like some tiny detail is lacking in it's performance. Unfortunatel I don't really know if I want more volume at the roots, or just a fuller appearance, (certainly not more length) but it's just missing that extra oomph to get a 10/10 score

Have you tried this one?
What do you look for in a mascara?

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Girly Girls' Festival Guide part 3-Style

Welcome to the style section of my festival guide for girls

This is more about practicality than fashion advice, As you can see from my personal photos, I’m not going to win any fashion awards anytime soon so I’m just going to recommend what to, and not to pack in order to have a great time

Of course what clothes you choose to take totally depends on what type of festival you’re going to and what the vibe will be, folksy, rock, rave.. you should have an idea of what you’re going to!

The magazines are packed right now with inspiration for festival style too.

My main point is stick to your personal style and pack as lightly as possible, the queue to get in or the ferry queue if you’re going to IoW or Bestival is long and you don’t want a massive bag weighing you down all that time.

Practical packing

Yes, 4” high espadrille wedges look hot, but no, they are not practical for the following reasons:

1) They take up to much space

2) They will get very dirty

3) They might look a bit try-hard if everyone around you is in wellies or flip flops

Welcome to the festival packing way of thinking.

Items of clothing I don't recommend

Tights. Many festivals have hay bales and all of them have grass as far as I know! We all know grass/straw+tights= scarecrow look.
Designer, expensive or hand wash only clothing- everything will get dirty & sweaty I'm afraid to say
High Heels- in a field, it's not a good idea
Tutu skirt- I hope this look is over by now to be honest, but either way these take up LOADS of space in your bag. Just buy one at the site if you badly want to dress as a fairy.
Pajamas- people walking to the tiolets wearing a dressing gown in a field look really stupid, just wear a t-shirt and jogging bottoms/leggings

And essential clothing

Wellies + socks (never put wellies on barefoot, unless they are fleece or furry- lined it will cut your feet!!!)
Flip Flops or other comfortable flat sandals
Waterproof jacket
with hood
Warm jumper for nighttime
socks for sleeping in, you might have wet feet so you'll need clean, dry pairs for bed
Nude colour undies, goes with everything
casual shorts or skirt
Leggings good to wear at night if it is really cold, and also in the day in place of tights as leggings aren't as much of a grass magnet

Other than those items, it's up to your personal style.
I love playsuits, little floaty dresses and maxi skirts, others prefer jeans and demin cut offs with a tee.

I know this is an over-done post in the blogosphere, but please bear in mind that not everyone who reads blogs, reads Every beauty blog around. We have to cater to non-blogging readers too

I hope this has been an enjoyable series anyway

Thursday, 9 June 2011

No more waity, Laura!

This post has nothing to do with royal weddings and everything to do with nail polish imaginings...

Have you ever been so enticed by a beauty product launch description that it couldn't possibly live up to your expectations?

Then SO anoyed that it didn't that you spent far too much time trying to replicate your vision?

No? Just me then.

That's how I felt about Butter London's 'No more waity, Katie' polish created in honour of the Royal Wedding in the UK at the end of April this year.

I was expecting a deep taupey colour with a smattering of violet and blue glitter running through it, what we got was mid-tone dirty mauve with silvery sparkle.

Finally, I have recreated my vision, after saw this NYC blue glitter-clear polish on Natalie's blog

Much playing around with the taupe colour base ensued before settling on Nail Inc Jermyn Street, and the top picture is the result.

Strangely enough now I have realised my vision, I probably won't wear this combo again... the downfalls of being a girl, huh?!

Have you got any unfulfilled beauty imaginings?

Sunday, 5 June 2011

May Favourites

***Please can I remind you all to enter my Butter London, L'oreal and Urban Decay giveaway!***

Here's my belated May favourites anyway...

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation in 30

I've been using this for about 5 weeks now and it's just a really nice, summery foundation. It gives enough coverage but has a really dewy effect. I've worn it in quite a few of my recent FOTD posts too

MAC Skinsheen bronzer stick Gilty Bronze

This looks super sparkly when you swatch it, but blended into the skin it gives the most lovely glowing, deep tan that lasts all day.
I use it every day at the moment! I love the handy stick applicator as well. This was released with Surf Baby collection

MAC sheen supreme lipstick behave yourself

I Back-to-MAC'd for this bubblegum pink beauty because it's a frivilous fun colour with a fun name.
I've been wearing it with a sweep of bronzer on the cheekbones and graphic winged black eyeliner ala Kate Moss in the Dior Addict lipstick ads.
I haven't tried any other lippies in the Sheen Supreme line but I think this one is semi-sheer, very glossy and feels moisturising.

Champney's spa indulgence Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow

Although I don't think this Body Scrub is as effective as the Soap & Glory Scrub of your Life that I was using prior to this, it is still a very decent body scrub with equal amounts of moisturising oily qualities and gritty salt scrub pieces.
The smell is very fresh and salty.
The ingredients include Olive and coconut oil, Tomato and fig extract as well as shea butter, so it's very moisturising and oily. My skin just soaks it up but if you have oilier tendancies I would stay away!
It feels and smells luxurious to use and it is an effective scrub which is why it's made it to the monthly faves

MAC Naked Pigment

Ok, Blogger autosave just failed to save this paragraph when my internet crashed which makes me want to through the laptop out the window so all I'm going to say about this pigment now is that it's really damn nice. Look at the swatch- shiny!
Also that image is my first photo editing attempt so I hope it's OK

Link me to your May favourites!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Body Shop Honey & Oat 3in1 scrub mask

I can't believe I'm dedicating an entire post to a face mask but I feel too strongly about it to just add it into my May favourites! (which are overdue..)

I have dry skin but I have read other reviews from mainly oily and combinaion skin types who have also raved about this.

I've been using it as a wash, in place of my usual face wash after I've removed my make up, and I've been using it about 6 weeks now, pretty much daily and as a mask 3 times a week.

My skin has never looked nicer!

It might not be much to look at...

but I think it's awesome.

From a dry/sensitive skin perspective it does sort of sting

(I'm sure the technical term is tingle but if you have eczema you know what I mean)

My skin dislikes water a lot so I certainly wouldn't say this feels moisturising as you have to remove it with water. This leaves me running for the moisturiser immediately but the same thing happens every time I have a shower.

Having said that the morning after using this my skin is noticeably softer, flakes gone, and the blackheads around my nose (only part of my face capable of producing oil) are greatly reduced.

Some people don't like the smell -predominantly of shea butter I think, or the texture- it has oats in so it's appearance is coarse.

I do though and I would encourage anyone apart from the very sensitive to give it a try, it is only £8!

I wish the Body Shop would expand this range because I seriously love this product.

Have you tried any Body Shop skincare?