Thursday, 12 May 2011

MeMeMe Distinctive nail polish

Here's a nail varnish that divides opinion

MeMeMe Distinctive

It's exactly the sort of colour my mother would describe as
'a real s*** colour'

In fact, for research purposes I sent her a picture of my NOTD and asked her thoughts without resorting to bad language and she replied: "pond slime"

But then, she's a woman who likes nothing less than a shimmering burgundy on the nails.
She is an extrordinary nail technician but can be a bit narrow minded when it comes to the taupe colour family

I was going to say you either love it or hate it but I can't really decide how I feel about it...

It's probably more of a khaki than a taupe, indoors it does look like a dirty greige but if I put it next to two iconic greige/taupe's then you can see how green it actually is:

Essie chinichilly and OPI you don't know jacques either side of Distinctive

The brush is a spade shape like the Rimmel 60 second polishes and the application is surprisingly smooth and even.
These polishes aren't the cheapest at £4.99

Speaking of Rimmel polishes, if you're hankering after the MAC LE Ocean Dip nail polish from Surf Baby, I saw it today and it is almost identical to Sky High by Rimmel

That's a weird photo because it looks just blue, but believe me when I say it's pretty close to the MAC one in real life

I only got a bronzing stick from Surf Baby but am very happy with it. Post to come!

What do you think of Distinctive? To far over the ugly/beautiful line or are you liking it?


  1. LOVE the last colour! Beautiful x

  2. I think I like distinctive.
    It doesn't look all that great in the bottle, but it looks nice on your nails.


  3. I love me me me nail polishes X

  4. @bethan- thanks!
    @nora schu- true, it does seem to look better on than in the bottle, it did grow on me (not in a mouldy way, obviously!)
    @rose petals- this is my first one but I quite liked the formula so may get more x

  5. Very, very weird colour. ;) I think your mum is right about the "pond slime". Bless her!

    I really like Rimmel colour, even if the pic doesn't give it justice! X

  6. Curses! I really like the Rimmel one! What is wrong with the world?!?!?!

    Hello btw - long time! (I suck at commenting)


  7. Oh my, I love the first and last ones! Really want them!! xx

  8. @mademoiselle lala- bless her indeed haha x

    @Ritzi Cortez- fancy seeing you over here missy! Will have to catch up on stuff soon x

    @Sarah- thanks, will check out your blog too! xx


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